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GE Lighting Dimming Controller Helps Light Streets for Less

A new GE Lighting controller saves energy, brings dimming capabilities to outdoor streetlights.

Faced with shrinking budgets, cities and states across the nation are being challenged to curb costs. A new GE Lighting system is helping meet this charge with a dimming system that reduces electricity costs for outdoor lighting.

The newly patented GE Lighting controller (U.S. Patent 8,038,481) brings dimming capabilities to LED and HID outdoor fixtures, enabling end users to control when light fixtures turn on and off and the light output of the fixture. The controller can dim the output of LED fixtures from 10% to 90%. The controller also is compatible with HID systems, allowing the light output of the fixtures to be reduced by 50 percent during low-traffic times.

The GE Lighting controller attaches to a fixture with a patented turn and lock receptacle that is fully compatible with current photocells. Two additional connections within the receptacle pass the dimming control signals from the controller to the dimming LED driver or ballast in the lighting fixture.

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