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Extended-Height WattStopper Occupancy Sensor Allows More Facilities to Benefit from Digital Lighting Control

WattStopper has released a new Digital Lighting Management (DLM) extended height passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor that gives specifiers more flexibility when designing control solutions for spaces with 20’ to 40’ ceiling heights. The new LMPC-100-5 supports customer requests for reliable, easy-to-install digital sensor control in spaces such as warehouses, distribution centers and gymnasiums. It features enhanced IR communications to enable convenient ladder-free remote configuration using a handheld wireless tool and all the benefits of DLM’s scaleable technology platform.

The LMPC-100-5 has a specialized lens that provides reliable 360° coverage and detects walking motion within a 35’ radius when mounted at 40’. The digital design features an LCD display and programming pushbuttons behind a snap-off cover, and the low profile design is attractive and unobtrusive.

The new sensor plugs to a choice of DLM devices to control virtually any type of load based on occupancy. Patented Plug n’ Go operation ensures simplicity with out-of-the box operation that maximizes energy savings by defaulting to manual-on or auto-on to 50% sequences of operation when the system includes switches. Push n’ Learn adds flexibility for customized control scenarios that can include hi/low levels and dimming control to meet requirements of the latest energy codes.

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