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Encelium Technologies: Substantial Energy Savings in Office Buildings with Advanced Lighting Control System

Encelium Technologies offers an innovative office lighting control system to drive substantial lighting energy savings in office buildings. Encelium’s Energy Control System™ (ECS) has been proven to secure lighting energy savings of 50% to 75% in office applications.

Throughout North America, many building owners are looking for ways to optimize economic, energy and environmental performance of their buildings. Energy reduction for commercial office buildings can amount to a significant impact on the bottom line.

“Office environments offer a massive opportunity for energy savings.” said Tony Marano, president and CEO of Encelium. “By implementing a revolutionary energy management system like ECS, office buildings can take advantage of six energy management strategies allowing for lighting energy savings of 50-75% while maintaining optimum lighting quality.”

Encelium’s Case Study on Liberty Property Trust demonstrates ECS in action in an office environment with a savings of 60% of lighting energy consumption. The Case Study is available at

ECS seamlessly integrates and simultaneously deploys six user-friendly energy-management strategies facility-wide. These include personal controls, task tuning, daylight harvesting, smart time scheduling, occupancy sensing and load shedding. As the most advanced lighting control solution for commercial buildings, ECS typically meets or exceeds today’s sustainable requirements for new or existing office buildings. Designed to reduce lighting-related energy costs by 50 to 75 percent, the system also contributes between 12 to 18 points, depending on the application, toward achieving the coveted U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

Encelium’s Energy Control System™ (ECS), the most advanced lighting control solution on the market. ECS reduces lighting energy consumption as well as energy costs at a faster rate than other environmental measures and has an average payback on investment of two to five years. Since the company’s founding in 2001, ECS has been installed in more than 30 million square feet of commercial space across North America and Europe. The company has experienced tremendous growth, posting a 200 percent annual increase during the last two years.

For more information about Encelium and ECS solutions, visit

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