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EcoSystem™ Fluorescent Solutions from Lutron Electronics Redefine Fluorescent Lighting Control

EcoSystem™ Fluorescent Solutions from Lutron Electronics Redefine Fluorescent Lighting ControlLutron Electronics Co., Inc. introduces EcoSystem™ fluorescent lighting control products. EcoSystem devices employ revolutionary technology allowing each device to listen, think, decide and remember. EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control solutions create fluorescent lighting control systems with a simple building block architecture of EcoSystem fluorescent dimming ballasts, EcoSystem sensors, and EcoSystem controls, free from interfaces and power packs. EcoSystem fluorescent solutions redefine fluorescent lighting control as easy to design, easy to install, easy to maintain and cost effective.

“Although multiple technologies are available, fluorescent control is not widely used,” said Ken Walma, product manager for the Lutron EcoSystem family. “Our challenge was to understand why and resolve this issue. By transcending existing technologies, we’ve created a system that provides daylighting, occupant sensing, personal control and building-wide control in the most simple and cost effective system available today,” said Walma.

The EcoSystem fluorescent solution is built upon one simple, but essential, building block—the EcoSystem ballast, which connects directly to photocells, infrared (IR) receivers, occupant sensors and wallstations, without interfaces, power packs or controllers. The intelligent EcoSystem ballast interprets data collected by the sensors and wallstations, adjusts light levels accordingly and then transmits the information to other ballasts.

Easy to Design: Both the structure and versatility of the EcoSystem solution remain intact as the system grows from one ballast to several. Connect up to 64 EcoSystem ballasts and a power supply together on a simple 2-wire communication wire to create a lighting ecosystem. Construct a larger system by connecting multiple 64-ballast loops. Within this lighting control system, any sensor or wallstation connected to an EcoSystem ballast can speak to any or all of the other ballasts on the loop.

The EcoSystem ballast replaces the non-dim ballast in a fixture. Once the appropriate sensors are connected to the ballast, these fixtures can be grouped together, forming uniquely-controlled communities within the larger lighting control system.

The EcoSystem solution makes lighting control simple to design from one ballast in one fixture, to many fixtures, to an entire building or campus of buildings. To integrate the EcoSystem family with other building management systems, simply connect its intelligent power supply to Lutron’s GRAFIK 7000™ centralized lighting control system for total building control.

Easy to Install: The EcoSystem solution provides installers with control wiring options, which allow the installation to be customized to best fit the job. The control wiring can be wired as either Class 1, which runs in conduit with the power wiring, or Class 2, which is wired in a cable tray or with other communication wiring. Installers can select their preferred wiring format, such as daisy-chain, star method, or T-tap, because the control wiring is topology-free. Also polarity-free, if the control wiring is reversed when connected, the EcoSystem ballast will still operate.

Whether the control wiring is Class 1 or Class 2, sensors and wallstations are easily added or removed with simple Class 2 connections at any fixture.

Free from interfaces and power packs, there are fewer parts and pieces required when installing an EcoSystem solution.

Easy to Maintain: With the EcoSystem family, replacing a ballast or multiple ballasts is as easy as changing a fluorescent lamp. This smart technology features unparalleled programming capabilities. Replacement units learn from currently installed devices and do not need to be readdressed or reprogrammed. System settings and individual device information are stored redundantly: the ballasts back-up the power supply programming and the power supply backs up the ballasts’ information.

When integrated with a Lutron GRAFIK 7000 system, EcoSystem ballast and lamp information can be requested from the ballasts to reduce maintenance time.

In reconfigurable spaces, a conference room today may be open office space tomorrow: the EcoSystem solution facilitates control changes, making spaces as flexible as the people who occupy them. Fixtures are easy to rezone with a PDA or PC. When simple meeting rooms transform into partitioned office cubicles, the lighting control strategy in the space easily changes from scene-based to personal control.

Cost Effective: The EcoSystem family is the cost effective solution to fluorescent lighting control. Its building block architecture reduces design time and easily expands or contracts to meet demands of project size and budget. With fewer parts and pieces, EcoSystem solutions cost less to install. With its enhanced reporting capabilities, innovative system memory and infinite flexibility, EcoSystem solutions also cost less to maintain.

“The company that invented the electronic dimming ballast has done it again,” said Walma.

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