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EcoSystem™ Fluorescent Dimming Ballast from Lutron Electronics Wins New Product Showcase Award at Lightfair International

EcoSystem™ Fluorescent Dimming Ballast from Lutron Electronics Wins New Product Showcase Award at Lightfair InternationalThe new EcoSystem ballast for fluorescent lighting control from Lutron Electronics excited audiences and was honored with a New Product Showcase Award at this year’s Lightfair International trade show and conference in New York City. The product won the Best of Category Award for Ballasts and Transformers.

The EcoSystem ballast serves as the centerpiece upon which Lutron’s revolutionary EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control solution is built. EcoSystem redefines fluorescent lighting control by providing daylighting, occupant sensing, personal control, and building-wide control in the most simple and cost-effective system available today. With EcoSystem, fluorescent lighting control is easy to design, install, and maintain.

Suitable for any size project—from a single fixture, to an entire office, to a full campus of buildings—EcoSystem facilitates any combination of sensors or wallstations to control the lighting environment and energy costs of any space without interface or power packs. The EcoSystem ballast and power supply are designed to simplify replacement by remembering preset programming so that new units do not need to be readdressed.

“We saw a need in the market for better fluorescent lighting control and are very excited about the breakthrough technology of the EcoSystem ballast,” said Ken Walma, product manager for Lutron’s EcoSystem family. “This award further demonstrates the industry’s enthusiasm for the unparalleled ability to simply and affordably create a lighting ecosystem that is easy to install and maintain, providing both immediate and long-term cost savings to customers.”

With the EcoSystem ballast, installers can use any standard 3-wire control, run Class 1 or Class 2 control wiring, and easily add or remove sensors with simple Class 2 connections at any fixture. Additionally, up to 64 EcoSystem ballasts can be connected on a simple 2-wire control bus that is both topology-free and polarity-free to easily and efficiently create a lighting sub system.

Lutron’s EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control products offer significant energy saving opportunities, facilitate increased productivity, and provide a green solution to complying with building codes and guidelines.

Lightfair International is sponsored by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA). LIGHTFAIR International 2005 marks the largest Conference in its 16-year history.

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