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Cooper Controls Introduces Room Controller Lighting Control System

Cooper Controls recently announced the launch of its new Room Controller lighting control system. The system incorporates occupancy sensing, daylighting, receptacle control, demand response and manual controls as well as, a patent-pending, Underwriter Laboratory 924 listed relay and integral skylight control all integrated into one comprehensive solution.

The Room Controller system has been developed to meet the unique and evolving energy codes and lighting control needs of private offices, open office spaces, conference rooms, classrooms and patient
rooms. In addition to allowing for precise lighting controls, the system is designed to save energy and time during installation thanks to its quick connect cable and pre-configured components. Additionally, components of the Room Controller system, which include the room controller device, occupancy sensors, daylighting sensors and wallstations, include built-in lighting scenes, as well as daylighting and occupancy sensing settings tailored to particular applications types.

The technology behind the Room Controller device includes two patent-pending elements designed to further enhance lighting controls. The first is its integral UL 924 relay that allows emergency lights to be dimmed or switched like non-emergency fixtures under normal power conditions, without the extra materials and labor traditionally needed. The other is an integral Solatube connection. This built-in, tubular lighting control will control adjustable skylights from company Solatube International without additional interfaces.

In addition to lighting control, the Room Controller system also provides the demand response and receptacle control functionalities required by the latest building codes. The system arrives preconfigured with four energy reduction scenarios that can be used as part of a demand response strategy, exceeding the 2013 Title 24 requirements for demand response. Receptacle control capabilities, as required in ASHRAE 90.1-2010, are built into each system to ensure non-essential receptacle loads are turned OFF when the space is vacant.

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