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Complete Architectural DMX Control with LyteMode® DMX from Lightolier® Controls

Complete Architectural DMX Control with LyteMode® DMX from Lightolier® ControlsLightolier® Controls announces the Lytemode® DMX Architectural Lighting Controller, the lighting control master station unlike any in the industry today. With the introduction of Lytemode DMX, one single master station now has the power and flexibility to control all DMX 512 compatible lighting fixtures from a simple, attractive, and user-friendly interface. With three modes of DMX control, no other architectural DMX controller offers the range of solutions for all your lighting design needs.

“This is a very exciting product for the architectural market,” states Jeff Krebs, Lightolier Controls Product Manager. “No longer will end users have to settle for an architectural DMX controller that is limited by control options, fixture control, or appearance. The Lytemode DMX Architectural Controller has the ability to control all manufacturers DMX enabled LED color changing fixtures, intelligent lighting fixtures, and can operate as a backup lighting control console; and all of this while contained in an attractive and easy-to-operate wall station. Then when you add in the various DMX control modes, Lytemode DMX truly offers everything needed from an architectural DMX controller.”

All Lytemode DMX Architectural Controllers operate in Lytemode DMX Channel Mode, Scene Capture Mode, or Submaster Capture Mode. Each mode is selected by the end user and may be configured to fit the exact application they have in mind.

The Lytemode DMX Channel Mode offers simple programming and control when only basic DMX lighting functions are required. With easy-to-operate Raise/Lower channel functions, this mode provides a quick and effective solution for creating appealing lighting designs with DMX compatible fixtures and dimmers.

The Lytemode DMX Scene Capture Mode offers the ability to capture custom lighting scenes into any one of the 13 presets on the master controller by using the DMX Snapshot function. The captured scenes may then be set to auto-cycle at a custom fade rate enabling the creation of a beautiful and elegant lighting sequence. The Lytemode Scene Capture Mode also allows the master controller to act as a backup lighting control console.

The Lytemode DMX Submaster Capture Mode offers the ability to create rich and layered LED lighting looks. For example, the red elements from a group of LED fixtures, who are operating on different DMX addresses, may be grouped together and captured on a submaster. When the submaster is raised, all the red LED’s will respond. Multiple submasters may then be layered to create wonderful custom colors.

Lytemode DMX Architectural Lighting Controllers are also compatible with all Lytemode Architectural Lighting Control System products. Therefore they may be used in a complete lighting control solution along with remote button stations, handheld remotes, LyteScene® Touch Screen Stations, an astronomical timeclock, and occupancy sensors and photocells, while standard contact closure inputs allow programmed scenes to be activated remotely.

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