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Bi-level Dimming Just a Quick Step Away with OSRAM SYLVANIA’s QUICKSTEP® Dimming Ballast

OSRAM SYLVANIA has announced the industry’s first High Efficiency Low Ballast Factor T8 Bi-level QUICKSTEP® PROStart® universal voltage electronic dimming ballast. The new ballast is a member of the SYLVANIA High Efficiency (QHE) series, that are able to save an additional six percent energy-saving over standard electronic ballasts.

This two lamp system consumes 48 watts at 0.77 BF on high and only 24 watts at 0.25 BF on low with OCTRON® 32W XPS® ECO® lamps. The QUICKTRONIC Bi-Level series is designed to replace conventional ballasts in A/B switching applications and can be controlled by conventional wall-box switches and/or occupancy sensors. Opting for the occupancy sensors control system allows users to save additional energy costs, as the ballast will be powered when needed.

The T8 QUICKSTEP® Bi-level UNV electronic dimming ballast includes PROStart® technology for extended lamp life. Furthermore, it complies with California Title 24, CEE requirements and is NEMA Premium Ballast compliant, great for saving energy in new construction or retrofit projects. Also great for economic daylight harvesting applications, the new ballast reduces the energy consumed by 50 percent when sunlit spaces are over lit.

“We’re dedicated to providing high efficiency, lower power system solutions that help save energy, extend lamp life and exceed customer’s expectations,” explains Joe McCormick, OSRAM SYLVANIA ballast applications manager. “As the industry changes and regulations are developed, we’ll be prepared to deliver compliant system solutions for all applications.”

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