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Architectural Products Magazine Names Digital Lighting Management Best Lighting Control System

Architectural Products Magazine awarded WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management (DLM) self-configuring lighting controls a 2012 Product Innovation Award (PIA). The PIA award program honors innovation in buildings-related products of interest to readers, including architects, specifiers, interior designers and building owners/operators. WattStopper’s PIA ’12 award for DLM was in the Lighting/Electrical category. Winning products, judged by a group of 50 independent industry professionals are featured in the November 2012 issue of the magazine.

Competing products were assigned to judges based on their expertise and interest. Judges were asked to assign a numerical grade to each entry and comment on particular aspects of the product they found innovative or intriguing. Summing up comments from its judges, Architectural Products observes, “Controls, be they for lighting or HVAC, are something so many are simply afraid of–as if expecting a pop Trigonometry quiz. But to make the kinds of energy impacts we’re all talking about with sustainable buildings, even net-zero energy buildings-they’re essential. Thus any effort to simplify the process is most welcome, and WattStopper’s intelligent DLM system does just that with self-configuring sensors and personal controls that not only deliver better lighting, but a better bottom line.”

Digital Lighting Management is an intelligent suite of distributed lighting controls, including occupancy and daylighting sensors, personal controls and other components, which saves more energy than conventional controls. WattStopper engineered DLM to meet and exceed energy codes out of the box, facilitate sustainable development and provide an unprecedented return on investment for new construction and retrofit projects.

The all-digital DLM system is the first to automatically configure devices for the most energy-efficient operating profile. Plug-in connections reduce installation time by 50% and eliminate the potential for wiring errors. Ladder-free remote configuration via an industry-first wireless IR tool that can store numerous system parameters further speeds startup or adjustment of large projects.

Digital Lighting Management systems can operate as stand-alone rooms, for the lowest installed cost, or as part of a centrally controlled system or BAS. System integrators can easily incorporate them into an intelligent building system via an open protocol network bridge. Furthermore, DLM continues to operate from the bottom up, ensuring reliability even in the event of a network fault.

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