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Alera Lighting Announces Daylighting Sensors Now Available in Popular Architectural Luminaires

Alera Lighting Inc. recently announced that daylighting sensors are now pre-installed in a variety of popular Alera architectural luminaires, further expanding their commitment of incorporating sustainable technology into energy savings solutions.

Alera’s Architectural Sensors offering helps facility and business owners address the Department of Energy’s (DOE) daylighting and occupancy control code compliance requirements stated in ASHRAE 90.1. With the mandate for all states to update their energy codes to meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2010 by October 2013, compliant solutions will be required to lower the allowable power density for commercial, educational and institutional spaces. Alera Lighting helps address this requirement by providing a variety of energy efficient architectural lighting products that are now integrated with daylighting sensors to deliver an inherently sustainable solution with typical efficiencies above 90%.

The integrated sensor options are available in a variety of Alera’s popular indirect / direct luminaires including the Curv Radial Family, Plank, Nevis, Paletta and the Curvista Series. The daylight sensors and dimming ballasts are pre-installed and available in a closed loop (DSPL) or open loop (DSL) system. The DSPL (Philips LuxSense) is a pre-commissioned, closed loop controls system that can deliver up to 32% potential energy savings. The stand-alone system does not require additional components to operate and commission and utilizes a small, unobtrusive daylight sensor. The DSL (Lutron EcoSystem) delivers an open loop daylight harvesting method that aims directly at a window for a true daylight reading. It features a modestly sized sensor and is part of a larger Lutron EcoSystem controls plan. The DSL system can deliver potential energy savings of 40%-70% when installed as part of a complete EcoSystem installation.

Alera’s architectural sensor options are simple to install and commission providing further added value. The DSPL option is pre-commissioned and pre-set for 45fc directly out of the box with on-site adjustments available with the twist of the sensor ring. The DSL option is commissioned using Lutron’s proprietary interfaces. Installation for all Alera sensor integrated luminaires is expedited with a quick-connect wiring system that dramatically reduces complexity and on-site wiring errors. The power feed wires also feature this installer friendly quick-connect method for the ideal contractor solution.

To aide users in reviewing energy savings, benefits and solutions available for daylight harvesting, Alera Lighting has developed a Daylight Sensors Guide. This comprehensive guide demonstrates how incorporating daylight harvesting can deliver significant energy savings in applications where natural sunlight is present.

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