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Advance Introduces New Additions to ROVR™ Family of DALI-Compliant Digital Addressable Ballasts

Advance Introduces New Additions to ROVR™ Family of DALI-Compliant Digital Addressable BallastsAdvance has announced that it has expanded its innovative family of ROVR™ digital addressable controllable fluorescent lamp ballasts to include a new 1-lamp model for T5 fluorescent applications as well as 1 and 2-lamp models to support T8 fluorescent applications in a variety of professional settings.

Now offered to complement its previous 2-lamp version, Advance’s new ROVR ballast for 1-lamp, 54 Watt T5 High Output (T5HO) fluorescent applications is ideal for office and warehouse venues, while Advance’s new 1 and 2-lamp fluorescent T8 ballasts support 17 Watt, 25 Watt, or 32 Watt fluorescent T8 applications and are ideal for use in general office settings and conference rooms. All of the new ballasts fully enable two-way communications with individual lighting fixtures and allow users to set up any fluorescent lighting configuration they desire with numerous distinct performance settings.

A powerful and increasingly popular platform in commercial and industrial settings, the industry-standard Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol fully enables control systems to carry on two-way communications directly with individual lighting fixtures equipped with DALI-compliant ballasts. All of Advance’s ROVR ballasts feature full-range continuous dimming from 100% to 3% (down to 1% in the T5HO models) and operation directly from the DALI control signal to promote sustainable design and support green practices such as daylight harvesting.

All of the ballasts feature Advance’s IntelliVolt® multiple voltage technology (enabling operation from 120 to 277 Volts, 50/60 Hz) as well as programmed start ignition for enhanced lamp life in frequent switching applications. Advance’s ROVR ballasts for T5HO lamps also feature color-coded, poke-in connectors to enhance wiring accuracy and ease of assembly and installation.

ROVR ballasts’ interface capabilities and versatility make them ideal for use with the most sophisticated Building Management Systems (BMS). They are especially suitable for users who wish to gain the benefits of automated energy conservation efforts through such techniques as daylight harvesting, load shedding, occupancy pattern tracking, and others. ROVR ballasts and the DALI protocol also give building owners and facility managers the ability to easily track, archive, and evaluate their lighting investments. In addition, Advance’s ROVR ballasts fully support sustainable (green) design as measured by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ performance standards and are compatible with controls offered by numerous manufacturers.

Delivering an unprecedented degree of design flexibility as well as the ability to track lighting systems and easily accommodate changes, Advance’s new ROVR ballasts help further support sustainable lighting design and are fully compatible with controls offered by numerous manufacturers.

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