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Acuity Brands Launches New Fixture-Mount Occupancy Sensor with Interchangeable Lenses from Sensor Switch

Acuity Brands, Inc. recently launched its new LSXR Fixture-Mount Sensor from Sensor Switch. This sensor offers up to four interchangeable lenses and an integrated, adjustable mounting bracket, making it ideal for both high-mount and low-mount lighting control applications.

The LSXR Fixture-Mount Occupancy Sensor offers up to four quick-change lenses designed for varying applications and mounting heights (6: High-Mount; 50: High-Mount Aisleway; 9: Low-Mount Small Motion; 10: Low-Mount Large Motion). The ability to change out lenses eliminates the need to replace the entire sensor. The LSXR sensor can be ordered stand-alone in a variety of powering and dimming options through local electrical distributors or it can be ordered pre-installed on many luminaires from Acuity Brands.

“We offer the LSXR sensor as a factory-installed option on many of the best-selling luminaires from Lithonia Lighting,” stated Jeff Shaner, Lithonia Lighting Senior Value Stream Manager. “The flexibility it offers for a variety of applications combined with its outstanding detection capabilities in all types of environments make it a top choice for many customers.”

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