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24W and 39W T5HO Powerline Dimming Ballast from Philips

The 24W and 39W T5HO Mark 10 dimming ballast from Philips Lighting Electronics is the first Powerline dimming ballast designed for 24W and 39W T5HO lamps.

Available in 1- and 2-lamp models (new: IEZ124D and improved: IEZ2S24D), the new Mark 10 dimming ballasts can operate the 2-, or 3- T5HO lamps at 120-277V in the traditional T5 form factor of 16.7” L x 1.0” H x 1.18” W, allowing for easy integration for OEMs into existing T5HO luminaires. In addition, the IntelliVolt input allows for integration of just one ballast for 120-277V applications.

The ideal applications for this product are architectural fixtures for new construction projects, with high ceilings.

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