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Lutron Introduces Four New LED Control Products

Lutron Electronics recently unveiled four new products designed to simplify the use of LEDs and ensure a high-quality dimming experience.

Nova T* 0-10 V Dimmer – a contractor favorite, this dimmer is now available with direct control of 0-10 V ballasts and drivers without a separate power pack, saving time and money on every project. A “no visible heat sink” design offers improved product performance.

Maestro Wireless® C·L® Dimmer – controls nearly any lamp, including dimmable, screw-in LEDs, dimmable CFLs, incandescents, halogens and MLV lamps. The C.L dimmer also controls mixed loads on the same circuit. Maestro Wireless is a simple and convenient way to wirelessly control lights from anywhere in the room with the touch of a button.

PowPak® 0-10V Dimming Module for the Energi TriPak® control system – a junction-box mounted option for controlling 0-10V drivers, ballasts, or fixtures. Works seamlessly with the Lutron Radio Powr Savr™ sensor for daylight harvesting and occupancy/vacancy sensor control.

Hi-lume® A-series UL-listed Driver – an ideal solution for 1% dimming of under-cabinet and cove lighting, this driver is provided on a junction box for easy installation and wire termination. It works with 3-wire fluorescent controls, Lutron EcoSystem® digital and forward phase controls (neutral wire required), and features a universal input voltage (120-277 V, 50/60 Hz). Its innovative technology delivers energy-savings and an extended product life of 50,000 hours.

OPTOTRONIC Multi-Channel Dimmable Constant Current LED Power Supplies by OSRAM SYLVANIA

The OPTOTRONIC multi-channel dimmable family by OSRAM SYLVANIA consists of highly efficient, constant current, multiple-channel 100W and 150W LED power supplies. They are available in preset output currents between 350mA and 900mA for the 100W and between 700mA and 2100mA for the 150W. The four channel 100W comes in a standard T5 fluorescent ballast housing, less than 1 in. tall. The 150W comes in a standard T8 short can housing and is available in two or four output channels. Both lines have built-in 0-10V dimming enabling direct integration and operation with standard dimmers, sensors, as well as energy and light-management systems.

These dimmable power supplies offer wider range of constant current configurations with multiple channels – One power supply to operate up to 4 modules in a luminaire. They are ideal for downlights, wall wash, recessed troffers, indirect/direct pendants and low bay/high bay luminaires.

Lutron Wins Two Lighting for Tomorrow Awards for Controls

Lighting for Tomorrow is a design competition that challenges manufacturers to meet consumer expectations by improving the design of their products and technologies, while achieving new heights of energy efficiency. At the same time, sponsors want to increase market acceptance and awareness of emerging opportunities in energy efficient lighting.

Entries for 2013 featured indoor and outdoor light emitting diode (LED) luminaires, replacement lamps, fixture retrofit kits, lighting controls, and, for the first time, organic light emitting diode (OLED) luminaires. The 2013 judging panel, held in June at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) University in Research Triangle Park, NC, reviewed a total of 123 products including 70 LED indoor luminaires, 8 LED outdoor luminaires, 26 LED lamps, 9 LED retrofit kits, 7 lighting control devices, and 3 OLED luminaires.

Learn more about the winners here.

In the lighting controls category, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. took both the winner and noteworthy award for its Maestro Occupancy Sensor C.L Dimmer and Hi-Lume A-Series LED driver, respectively.

California Lighting Technology Center Demonstrates Adaptive LED Wall Packs

In 2012, University of California-Davis upgraded its exterior lighting as part of its Smart Lighting Initiative. Wall packs on campus, like other exterior luminaires, were retrofitted with dimmable LED sources, motion sensors and wireless controls. This allowed the units to be incorporated into an adaptive campus-wide lighting control system. The system offers an intelligent, networked approach to lighting and energy management, with improved lighting quality and optimal energy efficiency.

Project Highlights

* 89% energy & CO2 savings
* 20% occupancy rate
* $233 lifetime maintenance savings per fixture
* $753 lifetime energy cost savings per fixture based on UC Davis rate of $0.075/kWh

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ULTRA LED Sunset Effect Family by OSRAM SYLVANIA

The SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Sunset Effect family provides incandescent-like dimming from 2900K to 2000K. Offered in a variety of lamp types including PAR38, PAR30LN and A-line equivalents, these lamps allow flexibility in creating mood and ambience in any setting. The warmer CCT provides comfortable, relaxing light ideal for hospitality and other applications where warmer incandescent-like “dimmed” light desired.











Lamp Watts





Initial Lumens





Rated Life

 (hrs) L70













ULTRA LED PAR38 SE  Flood 30






ULTRA LED PAR30LN SE Narrow Flood 25






ULTRA LED A19 SE (40W equiv.)






ULTRA LED A19 SE (60W equiv.)






ULTRA LED A19 SE (75W equiv.)






ULTRA LED A19 SE (100W equiv.)







LCA TV: Leviton Universal Dimmer Line

This short video, produced by the Lighting Controls Association at the 2012 LIGHTFAIR event, introduces the building industry to Leviton’s universal dimmer line.

New Lutron Technology Enables Dimming of Any LED Downlight

As LEDs continue to gain prominence in residential and commercial applications, so increases the need to dim these energy-efficient sources. Lutron Electronics is introducing a higher-power LED driver that significantly expands the capabilities of its already popular A-Series driver family. With this introduction, users can easily control LED downlights intended for use in high ceilings and in areas that require more light. The new 50W Hi-lume A-Series LED driver is designed for use with higher power LED modules, including Philips Fortimo 3000lm and Xicato 3000lm models, among others.

Featuring smooth, flicker-free performance, the new 50W driver provides LED dimming from 100% down to 1%. The driver also has a calibration point temperature of 70?C, enabling exceptional performance in demanding applications­–atria, houses of worship, high ceiling commercial and residential applications–without requiring a fan.

In an industry of evolving LED module designs, Lutron provides driver solutions that meet every design need:

* Full compatibility – support constant-current and constant-voltage outputs over a wide range of current and voltage levels for driving LED loads
* Provide constant-current reduction (CCR) and pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming options for constant current loads

Everline LED Drivers and Modules from Universal Lighting Technologies Bring Versatility to Track and Downlight Applications

The expanding family of EVERLINE LED drivers and modules from Universal Lighting Technologies now offers amazing versatility in both light output and control for track and downlight applications. Designed to support development of full luminaire lines with strong range, these EVERLINE LED products deliver up to 90+ lumen-per-watt system performance–providing significant cost savings in both energy and maintenance over halogen, CFL, and low-wattage metal halide lighting systems.

EVERLINE’s round LED modules offer crisp, even illumination from 1,000 to 10,000 lumens. With EverTru Chip on Board technology and a 50,000-hour lumen maintenance of 80% or higher, they can satisfy even the strictest demands for quality, color, energy efficiency, and long life. At the same time, EVERLINE LED drivers provide unsurpassed control capabilities for track and downlight luminaires ranging from 15 to 150W—with 350mA, 700mA, and 1,050mA options available.

With a compact light emitting surface area ranging from 0.53 to 1.69 inches in diameter and a wide array of color temperature options including 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K, and 4,000K models, UL Class 2 recognized EVERLINE round LED modules are designed for uniform light distribution and optimum reflector design. Plus, EVERLINE LED drivers are available in multiple housing configurations (including side or bottom exit with mounting feet or studs) for maximum versatility in fixture design. Together, they offer an ideal solution for both fixed light output and analog dimming applications with standard 0-10V controls.

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity LED Controller

HUNT Dimming offers a complete line of specification-grade preset slide wallbox LED controllers compatible for use with most controllable LED drivers. These controllers provide linear lighting control from 100% to 1% of rated light output and are available in single-pole and 3-way designs (120V and 277V).

Click here to download a features sheet on this product.

WattStopper Hi/Lo Sensor for Outdoor LED Wins Top Honors in CS-E Survey

WattStopper’s FSP-211 Digital High/Low Passive Infrared Fixture Integrated Outdoor Sensor has been chosen as the Lighting category Gold 2012 Product of the Year by readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer throughout North America.

The Product of the Year contest is for new products in the HVAC, fire, electrical and plumbing systems engineering markets, and the Gold award is the highest honor awarded to products in each voting category.

The FSP-211 is specifically engineered for use in LED fixtures; it can withstand the high temperatures produced by LED lighting, and its relay will last for the life of the fixture. The sensor also works with fluorescent lighting, including 0-10V dimmable ballasts. Applications include parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways and warehouses. Its unique feature set, which includes optional hold off daylighting control, provides the flexibility to quickly and easily customize control parameters for each project to ensure energy savings while also addressing security concerns.

WattStopper’s new fixture-integrated motion sensor is the first to feature two fully adjustable lighting levels plus off. It delivers design levels for high and low modes, preventing over-lighting and maximizing energy efficiency. An integral photocell measures the ambient light level and can hold lighting off, or at low level, when there is sufficient daylight contribution. All adjustments are made with a wireless handheld infrared (IR) tool, and the hold off setpoint includes an automatic calibration option for added convenience. The wireless configuration tool can store and send up to five sensor profiles, including all parameters, to significantly speed project commissioning.

When installed in an outdoor fixture, the FSP-211 is IP66 rated, impervious to dust and powerful water jets. A choice of four lenses ensures complete coverage for mounting heights ranging from 8’ to 40’, making the sensor suitable for virtually any application.

In addition to receiving the CSE Gold award, the FSP-211 was selected for the prestigious 2011 IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Progress Report. The report recognizes new products that contribute “unique and significant advancements to the art and science of lighting.”