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LSI Industries Joins the Lighting Controls Association

LSI_Industries-COLOR-lgThe Lighting Controls Association is pleased to announce that LSI Industries has been admitted to the Association’s membership, joining the industry’s other leading manufacturers of controls and controllable ballasts.

LSI Industries is a customer-centric company committed to make affordable, high performance, energy-efficient lighting and custom graphic solutions. The company’s core strategy of “Lighting+Graphics+Technology = Complete Image Solutions” differentiates LSI Industries from other lighting providers. The company offers a large array of sophisticated lighting and energy management offerings to help customers manage energy performance, enhance their image, and achieve their sustainability goals. Major markets include commercial, industrial, petroleum, automotive dealerships, quick service restaurants, and national retail accounts.

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Lutron OEM Program Promotes Sales of Luminaires with Embedded Lutron Technology

Lutron Electronics recently announced the 2016 OEM Advantage Program, a comprehensive program designed to help manufacturers increase the specifications and sales of luminaires embedded with Lutron technology.

The Lutron 2016 OEM Advantage Program provides participating manufacturers with:

1. The exclusive opportunity to co-offer an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty on LED drivers at no additional cost.
2. Marketing funds to reduce OEM operational costs and jointly promote solutions.
3. Option to participate in a tiered growth bonus or up-front job closing program.
4. Access to new, faster LED driver configuration tools to allow OEMs to use Lutron in their speed to market programs.
5. The opportunity to feature OEM products on Lutron Electronics’ High-Performance Fixture List and to showcase Lutron products in catalogs and at tradeshows.

Luminaire manufacturers interested in the program should contact Lutron at for more information.

Synapse Wireless Receives a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award

Synapse Wireless recently announced that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has awarded Synapses’ wireless lighting controllers with a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.

This award recognized Synapse’s DIM10 family of controllers, which acts as an intelligent wireless lighting solution providing remote control and monitoring of connected, smart node devices via a wireless mesh network. These devices collect and report data about energy use, which can be used by the customer to make informed decisions and proactively address critical issues. In addition, the solution provides dimming and true on/off functionality while supporting a wide range of input voltages. Synapse provides smart lighting solutions on a single management platform for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it possible for businesses to rely on Synapse for a variety of lighting needs.

SimplySNAP 2.0 is an on-site lighting solution that monitors and controls LEDs and other lights from a mobile device without requiring an Internet connection. The flexible solution is ideal for smaller installations and enables storage and display of power data, alarms and critical events for maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, SimplySNAP allows the user to easily integrate sensors into their lighting control system with pre-defined behaviors, and will partner with a wide selection of third party switches, photocells and occupancy sensors using their existing line of DIM10 lighting controllers. By incorporating the DIM10 family of controls and SimplySNAP into a facility’s LED lighting infrastructure, customers can achieve additional energy savings beyond the savings achieved by the switch to LEDs.

Lutron’s Online Tool Simplifies the Search for Compatible Fixtures, Drivers and Lighting Controls

lutronLutron Electronics recently announced the availability of an online tool to help lighting designers, consulting engineers, electrical distributors and contractors quickly find luminaires equipped with Lutron high-performance LED drivers.

The database is searchable by manufacturer, luminaire category, type, mounting options, dimensions, lumen output and color temperature. These search filters help customers generate specifications that can be added to any project luminaire schedule.

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Synapse Wireless Joins Exosite IoT Alliance

Exosite, whose enterprise-grade cloud platform accelerates the time-to-market for IoT solutions, recently announced the Exosite IoT Alliance, a collaboration of edge devices, communication, business systems and software, and solution providers. The Exosite IoT Alliance is an ecosystem of like-minded companies and technology providers focused on advancing innovation in the digital enterprise and accelerating the overall adoption of IoT.

Founding members of the Exosite IoT Alliance include Artila, Atmel®, Bitwise IO, Digi, exceet Secure Solutions, GainSpan, Microchip Technology, MultiTech, NimbeLink, Powelectrics, Robustel, SMT Engineering, Synapse Wireless, Texas Instruments, The Nerdery, WPI Group and WT Microelectronics.

The Exosite IoT Alliance ecosystem includes a broad spectrum of IoT technology providers, resources, and experts to reduce the complexity of developing IoT solutions. Members can team together to help their customers figure out complex solutions, reach their goals, and efficiently go to market.

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Cree Announces SmartCast PoE with Cisco to Enable IoT

Cree, Inc. has introduced SmartCast® Power over Ethernet (PoE), an intuitively simple, scalable and open platform that enables the Internet of Things (IoT) for buildings through better light via the Cisco® Digital Ceiling framework. Cree’s SmartCast PoE embeds intelligence to make buildings more efficient and people more productive.

Cree applied its intelligent SmartCast Technology to a PoE infrastructure to solve the inherent commissioning complexities of deploying network-powered smart lighting within buildings. Cree’s SmartCast PoE works out of the box. Cree’s series of SmartCast® lights, light switches and dimmers operates with Cisco’s standards-based PoE-powered network architecture. This platform provides power and networking for the lights with a standard Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate data and high-voltage power connections.

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Current, Powered by GE Acquires Daintree

Current, powered by GE has announced the acquisition of Australian technology start-up, Daintree Networks, an enterprise Industrial Internet provider of building controls solutions for commercial facilities. This acquisition will enable Current to expand its building automation platform and its energy-as-a-service offering to small- and medium-size facilities across the globe through the deployment of Daintree’s open, standards-based wireless control systems.

Today, 90 percent of the world’s small- to mid-sized buildings do not have building automation systems. Integrating Daintree Networks’ open-standard networked wireless control solution, ControlScope, into Current’s building automation portfolio addresses that problem. The joint solution links data from lighting and HVAC systems directly to Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet software platform – allowing customers to analyze their energy consumption and identify data patterns to increase efficiency and reduce power levels.

“By combining Daintree’s open-standard control and sensing technology with GE’s Predix platform, Current’s building automation platform and its energy-as-a-service offerings, we’ll deliver the industry’s first next-generation, scalable cloud-based energy management and facilities optimization platform for every building type and size,” said Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of Current, powered by GE. “Our combined strengths will help customers, big or small, achieve a reduced carbon footprint and increased energy savings, and provide a solution for ecosystem partners to grow.”

This acquisition brings to Current an extensive ecosystem of value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators (SIs) and device partners with long-standing experience in helping enterprises deploy and optimize ControlScope in commercial, retail and industrial environments. Built to established open protocol standards, Daintree’s ControlScope technology is fully engineered in Australia and can be deployed wirelessly and securely in almost any enterprise ensuring interoperability between products offered by multiple device vendors. To date, Daintree has focused on building their customer base in North America. This acquisition gives them access to the globe.

The acquisition comes just six months after the formation of Current, a first-of-its-kind energy startup within GE. Current integrates GE’s LED and onsite power businesses with GE’s industrial strength Predix platform to deliver the most cost effective, energy management platform required by customers today and in the future. GE’s Predix platform is open, flexible, and securely connects multiple third party devices and assets to the Industrial Internet.

Universal Lighting Technologies Joins AD

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. has joined the Affiliated Distributors (AD) wholesale buying group as an approved supplier for the group’s U.S. electrical distributors, effective January 1, 2016. Universal has been a member of AD Canada since 2013.

AD is the largest contractor and industrial products wholesale buying group in North America. The group’s membership includes 130 independently owned electrical distributors, representing more than 1,100 individual locations in the United States. According to the group, AD’s U.S. electrical division generates more than $13 billion in electrical supply sales annually.

According to AD, its members’ year-to-date sales were up three percent at the end of the third quarter in 2015.

AD members will receive access to the entire Universal product line, including LED Retrofit Kits, LED Linear T8 Tubes, “LED Ready” Ballasts, LED Wall Packs, LED Vapor Tight, LED Chains, and LED Replacement Drivers, as well as Universal’s broad selection of ballasts and lamps.

Universal Awards Agents of the Year at NEMRA Conference

Universal Lighting Technologies recently recognized its top agencies for 2015 at the National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association (NEMRA) conference. Agencies acknowledged included Hawkins Sales, Yusen Associates, Bay Electrical Solutions, Empire Electric, United Electrical Sales, and Electri-Products Group.

Four Top Agency awards and four Top Agent Representative awards were presented by Damiani. Joe Miezin accepted a Top Performance award and Top Agent award for Hawkins Sales; Willis Milner and Joe Hample accepted a Top Performance award for United Electrical Sales. Jamie Walker accepted an EVERLINE Agency of the Year award on behalf of Yusen, while Nick Hart of Yusen accepted a Top Agent award. Darren Gerrietts with Bay Electrical Solutions accepted the EVERLINE Agency award for Bay Electrical Solutions. Stephanie Mullaney of Empire Electric accepted a Top Agent award; Matt Wagoner with Electri-Products Group accepted a Marketing Support award.

Lutron Enhances Customer Service and Technical Support Capabilities with Online Support Community

Lutron Electronics recently announced the launch of The Lutron Support Community, an online forum for residential dealers and homeowners to post questions and answers about Lutron products, as well as share ideas, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.

Members of Lutron’s technical support team monitor and participate in the forum to provide additional information and assistance to keep the forum of the highest quality.

The mobile-friendly version of the forum will be useful to installers on job sites who can quickly and conveniently search for solutions on-demand.

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