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Leviton Launches Universal Z-Wave Dimming Switch

levitonLeviton recently announced the release of an updated Vizia RF+ VRMX1 universal dimming switch. The new Z-Wave universal dimmer is the latest generation of Leviton’s Vizia RF+ family of Z-Wave energy management and lighting control products. Designed for the future, it supports the latest dimmable LED and CFL technologies, as well as legacy incandescent and halogen bulbs while incorporating the Zensys 4.5.4 Z-Wave library.

The VRMX1 supports a universe of lighting applications including local and remote dimming control for incandescent, dimmable LED and CFL, halogen, magnetic low voltage and electronic low voltage. The highly advanced Vizia RF+ device provides two-way feedback, is scene capable, includes 49 different fade rates and features user pre-sets for powering on and minimum brightness.

Featuring Leviton’s Decora brand design, the VRMX1 blends into any home or apartment. The switches showcase innovative styling with a horizontal LED locator and brightness indicator bar. Additionally, two robust snap-in color change kit options are included for ultimate in flexibility and future proof design.

The Leviton VRMX1 is universally supported by all security systems with Z-Wave energy management technology, including Leviton’s popular Omni automation systems. It is also optimized for use with Z-Wave door locks.

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Cree Announces SmartCast Lighting Control Solution

creeCree, Inc. recently introduced SmartCast™ Technology, a self-programming wireless lighting-control system that reduces energy consumption by more than 70%* (compared to traditional fluorescent luminaires without SmartCast Technology), at half the cost of traditional lighting controls. Intuitive and easy to use, luminaires enabled with Cree SmartCast Technology remove the initial and ongoing complexity associated with lighting controls, allowing customers to realize the full savings potential of lighting controls with benefits they’ve never had before.

Featuring Cree’s OneButton™ Setup, luminaires enabled with SmartCast Technology create their own secure network, learn about their environment and form groups to maximize savings, all with the push of a single button. SmartCast Technology eliminates additional design time, wires and set-up time often associated with controls systems to provide an extremely simple control solution.

Cree SmartCast Technology is currently available in CR Series LED troffers, CS Series linear luminaires and KR Series downlights, as well as via a 0–10V interface for control of existing dimmable LED luminaires. These critical features not only save users energy and money but are compliant with emerging code requirements throughout the United States and Canada.

Cree SmartCast Technology is sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the United States and Canada.

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WattStopper Introduces New Line of Wireless Occupancy Sensors

WattStopper has introduced a new line of wireless occupancy sensors. These radio frequency (RF) products make it easy and cost effective to install code-compliant controls in existing buildings, or wherever wired occupancy sensors aren’t the best fit. The product line includes dual relay controls not available from other manufacturers, as well as time-saving functionality.

The product line includes a passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, powered by unobtrusive energy-harvesting photovoltaic panels, with a prime 360° coverage pattern. One or more sensors can be paired with a variety of single or dual relay 120/277 volt RF wall switches as well as self-powered handheld and wall mounted remotes, enabling wireless control from multiple locations. The RF switches are offered with or without neutrals for applications that must meet 2011 NEC requirements or compatibility with existing wiring. The switches are configured for out-of-the-box code compliance, emulating the convenient operation of WattStopper’s wired sensors.


WattStopper’s wireless RF controls are ideal for applications where traditional sensors are difficult, or even impossible to install, including historic buildings, buildings with asbestos in the plenum, or spaces with hard ceilings. Wireless solutions not only simplify installation, they save labor and materials, as no power pack or low voltage wiring are required. The wireless sensor is also packaged as a kit with a single or dual relay RF switch and these EnOcean-enabled products are factory paired for even faster installation.

The wireless sensor can accommodate a battery for low light applications, and includes magnetic and adhesive surface-mounting solutions. Similarly, the wireless remotes include a variety of mounting options for use on non-traditional surfaces including glass, giving designers more options to locate controls for occupant convenience. Versatile functionality includes the ability to select manual- or automatic-on operation for each RF switch or wireless remote control button, select time delays and pair any button with any load. The products mark WattStopper’s participation in the EnOcean Alliance, a consortium of technology innovators developing solutions based on the EnOcean energy-harvesting wireless standard.

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Lutron Releases Energi Advisor App for Retrofit Lighting Control Projects

lutronLutron Electronics is making it simpler than ever to propose and evaluate a Lutron lighting control solution for retrofit applications. With just minimal project information, the new Energi Advisor App provides users with a bill of materials, anticipated energy savings, and anticipated return on investment, simplifying energy audits and virtually eliminating the time previously required for system design and proposal generation.

The app is compatible with Apple iPhone® and iPad® devices.

By requiring only basic information, such as room size, number of fixtures, type of fixtures, local electric utility rates, rebates, and labor rates, the app lets users walk through projects with key decision makers, and at the same time, deliver a complete project design and budget. The app delivers multiple options for each project to ensure that budget and control requirements can be addressed without compromising performance.

The free app is available for download on iTunes®. Click here to get it now.

Hubbell Building Automation Introduces wiSCAPE

hubbell-1wiSCAPE(TM) by Hubbell Building Automation® is a Wireless Street Lighting Controls Solution that enables utilities and municipalities to manage, monitor and meter each individual streetlight throughout the city.

wiSCAPE uses a combination of luminaire modules and gateways to create a secure peer-to-peer, self-organizing and self-healing mesh network infrastructure. Whether it’s two modules in an alleyway or thousands of modules across the city, wiSCAPE is scalable for any street lighting need.

hubbell-2wiSCAPE Performs Every Function Municipal Engineers and Control Electricians Are Looking For:

* Individual Streetlight Control
* Input From Motion and Photo Sensors
* Standard and Astronomical Time Clocks
* Graphical System Management Software
* Alarms and Notifications
* Modular and Expandable
* Updateable Over the Air

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Leviton Introduces Sapphire Architectural Lighting Control System


Leviton has announced the expansion of its line of architectural lighting control systems with the introduction of the Sapphire™ 7-inch Wall Mount LCD Capacitive Touch Screen Controller. The new system provides an easy-to-use, customizable graphical interface for controlling lighting within a facility.

Sophisticated, yet user-friendly, the system features an 800 x 480 WVGA backlit screen with 24-bit color display, 130° x 110° viewing angle and elegant, low-profile design in multiple finishes that blend with any interior décor.

Customers can customize the graphical user interface via a WYSIWYG screen creation tool. Sapphire’s PC-based editor enables the intuitive addition and configuration of user interface pages for each control grouping within a room or facility. Once a page is added, Button and Slider Controls are dragged and dropped onto the page or tab. Users can set up administrative functions, establish channel and group-level control functionality, set fade levels and fade time-outs, combine and separate room control and brighten or dim light levels. The system’s Button Control types include: Toggle, Press/Release Preset and Scene. Slider controls are ideal for applications requiring manual control of lighting levels within a zone.

Sapphire seamlessly integrates with Leviton GreenMAX®, Sector® and Dimensions® systems to provide a comprehensive lighting control network suitable for use in restaurants, hospitality, conference rooms, recreational facilities and theaters. From room control to complete building control, Sapphire is ideal for any application area where a touch control interface is desirable.

The system easily installs into a standard four-gang wall box. Face plates, sold separately, are available in White, Light Almond and Black. Software updates can be uploaded through a USB port located behind the system’s front panel. Sapphire is CE, NOM and FCC Listed and backed by Leviton’s Limited Two-Year Warranty.

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Universal Lighting Technologies Launches Next Generation of High-Efficiency LED Products

LED_Drivers-Modules_Family2Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. recently announced the launch of its latest generation of high efficiency LED drivers and linear modules as an expansion of the EVERLINE family of lighting products. The new Zhaga and Zhaga-Hybrid LED modules and drivers will allow for easier installation of full featured, high-efficiency linear LED lighting systems with flexibility in multiple applications.

From 1×2 troffers to highbay lighting fixtures, the EVERLINE driver and module(s) configurations produce outputs from 1,000 to 10,000 lumens at efficacies far superior to any fluorescent systems. The LED modules are available in 11?, 22? and 23? overall lengths with different LED counts to provide additional lumen and efficiency options. The LED drivers, with tunable constant currents, are available with 30W, 55W, 80W and 90W power outputs.

Additional benefits of the new products include high quality color and an exceedingly long rated life. Outfitted with a tuning feature, the EVERLINE LED driver allows fixture manufacturers to design to specific target lumen levels by programming the driver’s output current. Analog dimming affords the end-user with controllable options to manage energy and lighting levels.

In fact, at the start of the year, Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. relocated corporate office facilities and utilized these new LED technologies in troffer luminaires as well as downlights that incorporate EVERLINE LED Drivers and Chip on Board LED Modules with dimming controls.

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WattStopper Expands Lighting Control Toolbox to Better Manage Energy in High-Performance Buildings

wattstopperWattStopper has announced a new family of lighting control panels developed to support design professionals engineering net zero buildings. The panels allow designers to easily layer multiple control strategies and integrate seamlessly with other building systems to meet the newest energy code requirements and optimize energy management. To ensure reliability and longevity, these newly-designed panels are based on two proven WattStopper technologies: Digital Lighting Management (DLM) intelligent control and the company’s patented heavy duty relay.

The panels address the growing need to combine the flexibility of distributed controls with the scalability of centralized controls. Combining lighting control solutions tailored for each application helps meet the requirements of increasingly complex energy codes, and improves building performance.

In addition, the panels address the need for simple integration using open protocols. They integrate natively with building automation systems (BAS) and expose a wide range of DLM data points for building-wide energy monitoring. These extensive BACnet capabilities are the result of WattStopper’s decade of experience with the industry-standard protocol. For peak performance, integration can extend to the smart grid for region-wide energy management.

The new panels also offer stand alone operation for projects that require only scheduled or astronomical control. Click here to learn more.

Lutron Introduces Four New LED Control Products

Lutron Electronics recently unveiled four new products designed to simplify the use of LEDs and ensure a high-quality dimming experience.

Nova T* 0-10 V Dimmer – a contractor favorite, this dimmer is now available with direct control of 0-10 V ballasts and drivers without a separate power pack, saving time and money on every project. A “no visible heat sink” design offers improved product performance.

Maestro Wireless® C·L® Dimmer – controls nearly any lamp, including dimmable, screw-in LEDs, dimmable CFLs, incandescents, halogens and MLV lamps. The C.L dimmer also controls mixed loads on the same circuit. Maestro Wireless is a simple and convenient way to wirelessly control lights from anywhere in the room with the touch of a button.

PowPak® 0-10V Dimming Module for the Energi TriPak® control system – a junction-box mounted option for controlling 0-10V drivers, ballasts, or fixtures. Works seamlessly with the Lutron Radio Powr Savr™ sensor for daylight harvesting and occupancy/vacancy sensor control.

Hi-lume® A-series UL-listed Driver – an ideal solution for 1% dimming of under-cabinet and cove lighting, this driver is provided on a junction box for easy installation and wire termination. It works with 3-wire fluorescent controls, Lutron EcoSystem® digital and forward phase controls (neutral wire required), and features a universal input voltage (120-277 V, 50/60 Hz). Its innovative technology delivers energy-savings and an extended product life of 50,000 hours.

Hubbell Building Automation’s wiHUBB BAS Gateway Interface

HBA BAS Gateway InterfaceDesigned to be used in facilities that need to quickly and easily enable their wiHUBB® Lighting Control Systems to interface with other protocols, Hubbell Building Automation’s wiHUBB® BAS Gateway Interface puts lighting controls in your hands.

The wiHUBB BAS Gateway Interface is an external, high performance, low cost, multi-protocol gateway for providing control and access from building automation systems to HBA’s wiHUBB Wireless Lighting Control System. The device provides protocol translation between wiHUBB and BAS devices using BACnet, Metasys N2 by JCI, and Modbus. The wiHUBB BAS Gateway is based on the industry leading FieldServer Technologies ProtoCessor and ProtoNode technology and is pre-configured with the wiHUBB system protocol interface. Web browser based programming is made simple with an intuitive and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface and user account/password manager.

The wiHUBB® BAS Gateway Interface is equipped with a five-year limited warranty.

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