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Daintree Networks Introduces WHS100 Wireless Sensor for Industrial and Outdoor Lighting

daintreeDaintree Networks® has introduced its WHS100 Wireless Sensor, which provides integrated wireless connectivity and an embedded motion control sensor in one package and operates with the Daintree ControlScope® wireless building control solution.

Daintree Networks’ WHS100 Wireless Sensor is a versatile solution for a wide range of fixture types, including high-bay, mid-bay and low-bay luminaires for industrial and warehouse facilities. With a wide operating temperature range and wet location rating, the WHS100 is well-suited for manufacturing environments, as well as parking and outdoor area lighting applications. Integration of sensing with wireless connectivity provides a one-box solution that reduces the cost, while the design of the sensor allows for easy installation into the fixture and optimal wireless RF performance.

Using open standards ZigBee PRO wireless communications, the WHS100 operates seamlessly with other standard ZigBee PRO wireless products in the Daintree ControlScope ecosystem to provide advanced lighting control, such as smart scheduling, daylight harvesting, task tuning and more, in addition to occupancy-based control. With built-in metering, the WHS100 can monitor and measure the energy consumption of the lighting load being controlled, and also enable automatic fault detection.

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Universal Announces New Everline Surge Protectors

everlineUniversal Lighting Technologies has added to its family of EVERLINE products with the new EVERLINE Surge Protectors, capable of managing a surge of up to 20kV. Inserted between line voltage and the driver/module or ballast/lamp system, EVERLINE Surge Protectors provide system-wide protection, eliminating the need for internal fixture components that are rated to handle large spikes in input voltage.

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Hubbell Building Automation Introduces the NX Intelligent Room Controller

HBA NX Press Release REVHubbell Building Automation has launched an intelligent lighting control that simplifies installation with auto-configuration. The NXTM Room Controller provides energy-code compliance right out of the box.

The NX Room Controller integrates automatic and manual control of lighting. No network or software is required to set up the unit. Users benefit from intuitive energy-saving control over the lighting in their space.

Input devices such as digital wall switches, vacancy/occupancy sensors and daylight sensors plug into the NX Room Controller and are auto-configured to default operations. All device communication is over standard CAT5 cables that simplifies installation and eliminates wiring errors.

More advanced configuration of dimming and daylight functions can be accomplished using a free smart phone app. Through an optional Bluetooth® module, the NX Room Controller connects directly to both Android™ and iOS® devices.

Used as a stand-alone device, the room controller is ideal for spaces that require room-level lighting control, such as classrooms and personal offices. Up to eight NX Room Controllers can be connected. The self-contained intelligent device becomes the hub of an advanced distributed lighting control platform.

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Eaton’s Application Guides

Eaton Corporation offers a library of application guides, notes and whitepapers related to its lighting control products on its website.

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Hubbell’s wiSCAPE External Fixture Module

hubbellHubbell Building Automation’s wiSCAPE™ External Fixture Module lighting control device allows any outdoor light fixture to be managed, monitored and metered.

The External Fixture Module provides ON/OFF control and 0-10V dimming output compatible with all 2-wire dimming drivers and ballasts. A built-in luxmeter allows for daylight harvesting and a low-voltage input is available for motion sensor, switch or photocell control.

Featuring universal voltage input, the External Fixture Module supports 110-480V applications making it ideal for LED luminaires, traditional HID fixtures and induction lighting.

The External Fixture Module drastically simplifies outdoor lighting control. The module connects directly to the luminaire through ANSI 7-pin or 5-pin twist-lock receptacles, making retrofits simple and efficient. No control wiring is required for configuration, making commissioning quick and economical.

As part of a wiSCAPE network, the device is easily managed through wiSCAPE View™, which is an intuitive software platform that can configure, manage, monitor and meter a wiSCAPE lighting control system.

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Acuity Brands Introduces New Commercial Office Solution Sets

acuityAcuity Brands, Inc. has announced the release of its first in a series of Commercial Office Solutions Sets. This integrated lighting and controls solution for Private Office applications combines the Acuity Brands® FS series of recessed LED Luminaires featuring eldoLED® technology, with its award-winning nLight® control technology from Acuity Controls.

The Set is a “one stop shop” for a back-to-front lighting system for a Private Office or similar configuration that includes controls to meet any level of sophistication the job dictates. And because the entire system comes from one manufacturing source, the system will be accurate, complete and aligned with an application’s specific needs – turning complexity into simplicity by providing interoperability of all the key elements.

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Philips Color Kinetics Launches ActiveSite

philipsPhilips Color Kinetics’ ActiveSite is a cloud-hosted connected lighting system for remotely monitoring, managing, and maintaining architectural LED lighting installations.

The system integrates luminaires, digital lighting controls and lighting management software. Luminaires share data about their status and operations with the software, which allows system users to remotely monitor and manage each luminaire anywhere in the world.

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Acuity Brands Shines Light on Hospital Patient Rooms with New Entera™ LED Lighting Platform

acuityAcuity Brands, Inc. has introduced the Entera™ system from Healthcare Lighting®, a hospital lighting platform that marries LED illumination with integral controls to help enable the best in patient care. The multi-functional system can provide the appropriate level of energy-efficient lighting, at any time of the day.

Designed specifically for ambient and task lighting requirements in patient rooms, the Entera platform offers recessed (2×2, 2×4) and wall sconce options, each providing features and amenities that may enhance both hospital staff functionality and patient care/comfort.

In Caregiver Exam mode, Entera luminaires provide precision optics that direct up to 75 footcandles on the bed surface, along with the color accuracy to allow for effective observation. Patient/Guest Ambient mode uses four preset light levels (20, 50, 80 and 100 percent) that can be controlled from the patients’ beds in order for them to configure their own environments. Flicker-free, continuous dimming down to 1 percent is also available– which can bolster energy efficiency. Lastly, Nighttime mode provides low ambient light levels comfortable for sleeping, while enabling nurses and staff to move about or safely perform examinations.

The ambient section of Entera luminaires is driven by nLight®, a lighting control technology enabling plug-n-play networking with other nLight control devices, such as occupancy sensors, photocells and wall stations. nLight technology cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, and manual lighting controls. Designed to function standalone in an individual zone or networked together across an entire hospital, nLIGHT is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install system that can cut energy consumption and enhance occupant convenience.

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Universal Announces New Everline Surge Protectors

Universal Lighting Technologies has added to its family of EVERLINE products with the new EVERLINE Surge Protectors, capable of managing a surge of up to 20kV.

Inserted between line voltage and the driver/module or ballast/lamp system, EVERLINE Surge Protectors provide system-wide protection, eliminating the need for internal fixture components that are rated to handle large spikes in input voltage.

While fixture components are designed to handle variations in input power, being connected directly to the main power lines introduces complications when it comes to power surges. Because lightning strikes, switching and other events can be far more severe directly on the power lines, these components need additional protection. The new EVERLINE Surge Protectors protect more sensitive components against line surges and transients.

EVERLINE Surge Protectors are C3 surge location rated, providing surge protection up to 20kV and are available for 277V and 480V applications.

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WattStopper Extends Occupancy Sensor Control to Plug Loads for Energy Savings and Code Compliance

WattStopper recently introduced its Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) series.

Extending occupancy-based lighting control to plug loads, the WRC line of products helps lighting control professionals meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 requirements to switch off selected receptacles. The solution also minimizes costs for retrofits and new construction as it utilizes RF technology and works with existing line voltage wiring.

The WRC solution facilitates Auto-On/Auto-Off occupancy-based control of plug loads and includes an RF Transmitter and intelligent RF Receptacles. The WRC line of products come in two versions: for use with stand-alone occupancy sensors, or with WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management (DLM) platform.

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