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Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Adds Motion Sensor Option to LED Wallpack Family

hubbellHubbell Outdoor Lighting’s LNC2 LED wallpack now features a motion sensor option to enhance energy savings, safety and security.

Available with two sensor options, the upgraded LNC2 LED wallpack now delivers even greater control and energy savings. The SCO option features an ON/OFF sensor, while the SCP option offers a programmable sensor with adjustable time delay and dimming level and Integral Photocell (SCP-REMOTE accessory is required to program in the field).

With a typical mounting height of 15 feet with 50-60 foot fixture spacing, the LNC2 delivers maximum perimeter illumination for safety, security and identity. The LNC2 also comes standard with quick mount that allows for simple mounting without having to open the fixture.

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Cree Adds Intelligent Color to SmartCast Technology

creeCree, Inc. has introduced field adjustable color temperature for SmartCast™ Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers, delivering a dynamic and customizable lighting experience for building managers and occupants. The first of Cree’s industry-leading luminaires to feature instantly adjustable color temperatures, Cree’s groundbreaking SmartCast Technology combined with its TrueWhite® Technology allow for superior color quality and consistency while providing greater flexibility to control illumination at no additional cost.

In combination with the intuitive SmartCast Technology, Cree luminaires featuring field adjustable color temperature enhance commercial building design by eliminating the need to decide on color temperature at the onset of installation. With the ability to choose from 3000K to 5000K in 500K increments, SmartCast Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers enable the use of only one troffer type in any space regardless of lighting preference. The result is simplified specification, ordering and installation with an energy-saving lighting-control system.

The CR Series LED troffers with SmartCast Technology offering field adjustable CCT are sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the United States and Canada. Click here to learn more.

Acuity Brands’ Fixture-Integrated Wireless Controls

Acuity Brands Controls’ XPointTM Wireless lighting control system offer a zero-latency lighting management system for building wide control. The XPoint Wireless system is well-suited to new construction and retrofit lighting projects in covered parking areas, high bay spaces, corridors and stairwells.

XPoint Wireless embeds controls and distributes decision making directly into the fixture, creating an intelligent luminaire and enabling superior lighting management. Users can implement a wide range of lighting control strategies, including programming light fixture operation to zone-based occupancy control, as well as daylight control. The system can store schedules and group information for immediate and accurate response to increase operational efficiency. Its ability to monitor on-board current and report lamp outages enhances facility optimization. Additional features include direct programming from a PC or the web, scheduling options and maintenance alerts.

XPoint Wireless lighting controls are able to operate without an active gateway or repeater, ensuring no single point of failure. The system ensures savings in labor, material cost and energy, and helps control lighting to produce the right amount of light for visual comfort and security.

XPoint Wireless lighting controls can operate as a stand-alone wireless solution or be combined with other Acuity Controls products to create a hybrid wired/wireless solution complete with switching and dimming relay panels, BMS integration, and Unity GX2™ floor plan control, monitoring and analytics software.

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Lutron’s GRAFIK T Digital Control

LutronLutron Electronics’ GRAFIK T marries advanced Lutron touch dimming technology with intuitive, minimalist design. One simple touch of a finger on the LED light bar sets the light level.

GRAFIK T comes in a range of options, from standalone dimmers to system-based devices for residential and commercial lighting control systems.

Aesthetically elegant, with numerous colors and finishes (including 11 in metal), the dimmer features wireless communication with remote controls and Lutron’s patented C·L® dimming technology, ensuring compatibility with dimmable CFL and LED lamps.

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Leviton Launches Omni-Bus Lighting Control

levitonLeviton recently announced the launch of the Omni-Bus product line, comprised of 29 modules and interfaces for sophisticated control over lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps, motors and more, in both residential and light commercial buildings.

The bus and controller-based management family utilizes the worldwide DIN rail standard for mounting, and controls CFL, LED, electronic low voltage, halogen and incandescent lighting. Modular and wireless components can be installed where needed to assist with wiring and installation costs – ideal for new and retrofit applications.

Elegant, multi-button programmable wall switches eliminate the expense of in-wall high voltage wiring to multi-way switches. While competing central lighting systems require home runs to a central cabinet, Omni-Bus power wiring remains minimal as controllers can be localized to switches, which can then be programmed to perform a number of actions. Furthering the flexibility of the system, third-party momentary contact switches can be utilized to match aesthetic or form factor preferences. Modules and wall switches connect using commonly available Cat5e or better cabling.

Omni-Bus is designed for easy installation and flexibility, using a variety of topology architectures including hub and spoke, daisy chain and star. Appropriate modules are CE, FCC, UL (ETL), SASO, RETILAP, NOM and C-Tick approved. For remote access, scheduling abilities and complete automation, Omni-Bus can integrate with Leviton’s Omni security and automation systems, resulting in comprehensive building management.

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ETC Expands Unison Aero product family

ETC expands Unison Aero product family Unison Aero DimmerIn 2012, ETC introduced the Unison® Aero® family, which brings cost-effective, energy-saving control to existing or new lighting systems in a wide variety of commercial applications. Now ETC is adding three new products to the line that conserve even more energy and further increase flexibility.

The Unison Aero Contact Interface joins the Aero system’s lighting-control offerings. With four contact inputs or outputs, the Contact Interface can communicate with third-party equipment, ensuring all components work together. When used with Aero SmartClick Stations, SimpleTap Sensors and Power Controls, it wirelessly passes system-function back and forth between devices.

The new Aero Outlet Controller and Aero Dimmer are new tools in the Aero power-control family. With a Duplex Edison receptacle that combines a 15A switched receptacle and a 15A constant-power receptacle, the Aero Outlet Controller meets current energy codes by allowing automatic shutoff based on occupancy. This allows a quick and easy way to upgrade outlets using existing wiring.

The Aero Dimmer can control tungsten, LED and two-wire fluorescent lighting loads, automatically detecting if a fixture needs to be in forward- or reverse-fade mode. And its operation can be manually overridden using simple commands with just a few button presses.

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Daintree Networks Takes Building Energy Management into the Cloud

Daintree Networks recently launched an offering that merges cloud-based computing with building automation technology to enable comprehensive energy management that far surpasses simple lighting control.

Daintree’s Building Energy Management as a Service (BEMaaS™) approach makes its ControlScope™ software available as a subscription-based cloud application instead of locally on a physical server. Choosing this option will give customers a simple, cost-effective and highly scalable solution for managing all facets of building energy loads and related applications with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additionally, customers can buy monitoring and optimization services that allow them to continuously stay on top of changes in their building operations by leveraging expertise from Daintree Networks’ building energy professionals. This is a true end-to-end energy management service offering that spans various building applications and control down to individual devices including lighting, thermostat, plug load, fans and more.

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OSRAM SYLVANIA Releases Next Generation of Encelium Polaris 3D Software

OSRAM SYLVANIA has released the latest version of its flagship ENCELIUM® lighting management software – Polaris 3D®. ENCELIUM by OSRAM is a scalable lighting control system.

Accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection, the Polaris 3D software is the core element of the ENCELIUM system that facilitates the commissioning, usage and data analysis of the lighting installation. The 3D color gradient visualization shows how efficient an installation is and immediately reports the savings achieved. Now, the new Polaris 3D 3.5.1 software is even easier to use and offers additional flexibility for buildings to comply with local building codes, offer a comfortable work environment for employees, reduce their lighting energy consumption by as much as 75 percent, and qualify for several points toward LEED certification.

New features and improvements include the following:

1. Polaris 3D now allows the configuration of a dual ballast equipped fixture with Cool White and Warm White lamps for Automatic Tuning of White Light. By manipulating the level of the ballasts controlling the Cool White and Warm White lamps in the same fixture, the color temperature of the light can change according to the current time of the day, providing the most suitable environment for an employee at that moment.

2. Automatic Association of Zones and Schedules decreases commissioning time.

3. A Pop-up Warning Wizard lists issues to be resolved prior to configuring a system, making it easier to view and settle them.

3. Some buildings, such as hotels, use a temporary partition wall to split a room into two areas for different functions or meetings. When the temporary partition wall is placed across the room creating two zone, Polaris 3D now can Automatically Replicate Zones for Spaces with Partition Walls so commands are automatically replicated to both zones, or they can be treated as unique spaces.

4. New Comfort Property Settings allow facility managers to set parameters for reduced lighting levels during non-peak hours of the day to still save energy, without sacrificing employee comfort. Lighting levels can be set at a reduced level when a space is not in use, but if an employee enters the semi-illuminated area, it can be set to increase around an employee as they travel, providing more comfort for the individual.

5. Users can configure lighting by Simultaneous Occupancy and Time Schedules within one zone. If a scheduled event has passed, occupancy sensing will become active.

6. Previously, if the lights were shut off for a presentation in a board room, the HVAC system might think the room was not in use and shut off the air conditioning. Now with the new Assign Occupancy Sensing by Zone & Occupancy Behavior feature, Polaris 3D can instruct the HVAC system to remain on based on true occupancy sensor status, despite the HVAC system seeing that the fixture is off.

7. Users can now Lock or Disable System Inputs Based on Triggers, such as a contact closure, schedule or zone status. These overrides can be used in situations such as a school lockdown where the principal needs to ensure lights remain on during an emergency situation.

8. Real Time Visible Status Notifications are now available, including fire alarm and emergency backup power.

9. Occupancy sensors with Built-in Push Buttons can be enabled through Polaris 3D.

Acuity Brands Unveils xCella Wireless Lighting Control System

xCella-familyAcuity Controls introduces xCella(TM) Wireless lighting controls for quick-configure control of lighting HVAC and plug load. Installed in a variety of retrofit and new construction applications, xCella Wireless energy management solutions deploy quickly for simple room control, and can also be networked for floor or building wide control.

Featuring innovative Pair & Play(TM) technology, xCella Wireless switches, sensors, and load controls are operational in minutes. xCella Wireless can be delivered pre-paired and packaged by room for even faster installation and reduced commissioning costs.

“By combining wired and wireless relays, xCella Wireless provides the flexibility to achieve the right control for the right load,” said Lance Hollner, Director, Acuity Controls. “When used as a stand-alone panel, an intuitive user interface helps users simplify programming and commissioning for quick and simple deployments. The versatility, yet simplicity of xCella Wireless make it ideal to maximize lighting control in small areas.”

The xCella Wireless lighting control system creates mini-lighting control systems without requiring a central processor or gateway, making it ideal for maximizing the full potential of lighting within a single room or small space. xCella Wireless lighting controls feature simple-to-install sensors that shut off when rooms are unoccupied to save energy.

Using battery-free, power harvesting technology, xCella switches and sensors eliminate costly high-voltage wiring and installation labor in new construction. In retrofits, xCella minimizes modification of existing circuits and wall boxes.

The xCella Wireless lighting control system is composed of remote modules, wireless switches, wireless sensors and additional controls. It can operate as a full stand-alone wireless solution or combine with other Acuity Controls products to create a hybrid wired/wireless solution complete with switching and dimming relay panels, BMS integration, and Unity GX2TM floor plan control, monitoring and analytics software.

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Provolt Daylight Harvesting and Occupancy Sensors by Leviton

levitonLeviton’s Provolt ODC family of line-voltage occupancy and vacancy sensors simplify energy management with an easy to install, self-contained solution. Provolt occupancy sensor models include line-voltage occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and manual-ON/auto-OFF override control in a single unit with no special control stations required.

The integrated design eliminates separate power pack and sensor wiring for additional savings in labor, time and material. Available in passive infrared, ultrasonic and multi-technology versions, the new line features both single and dual relay versions with mid-range, high-density and extended range lenses included with select models.

Provolt occupancy sensor models switch connected loads ON when occupancy is detected and automatically switch them OFF after a predetermined time interval after the space is vacated. Vacancy sensor versions require connected loads to be switched ON manually and automatically turn them OFF when occupancy is no longer detected.

All models feature Leviton’s auto-adapting technology which continually adjusts to occupancy patterns to deliver optimal performance reliability and false triggering prevention. To further enhance energy savings, Provolt occupancy sensor models feature true daylight harvesting (both open and closed loop) through an integrated photocell that automatically activates or deactivates connected loads (e.g., lighting, fans, HVAC, etc.) in conjunction with the presence or absence of natural light. In instances of power failure, an automatic time-delay with auto-save feature returns the time-out setting to the last saved level once power is restored.

The Provolt ODC’s contractor-friendly, compact, one-piece design significantly reduces installation time over low-voltage sensors that require a separate power pack to supply voltage to the unit. An industry-exclusive self-detecting, configurable manual switch input (for both momentary and maintained contacts), terminal blocks and screw guides on the sensors significantly speed installation and setup.

The new sensors feature robust performance for all load types and a mechanically-held 10 Amp latching relay that delivers power savings beyond electrically-held relay designs. All Provolt ODC sensor models feature Leviton’s industry-leading fail-safe circuitry. The circuitry returns the sensors’ electronics to a “closed” position to maximize safety once power is restored after an electrical outage. Another Leviton exclusive – high inrush stability (HIS) circuitry – accommodates a variety of high inrush electronic ballast loads. Factory calibrated zero-crossing circuitry on the sensors extend their relay life.

Provolt sensors are ideal for installation in tight ceiling spaces with limited access for low-voltage wiring, new construction projects aimed at energy conservation and retrofit environments requiring compliance with the latest energy mandates. The Provolt ODC line of sensors is listed to UL 773A and UL 924. They are CE Compliant, cUL Listed, RoHS Compliant, NOM Certified, CA Title 20/24 Compliant and backed by Leviton’s Limited 5-Year Warranty.

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