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WattStopper Brings Time-Saving Ladder-Free Sensor Configuration to Warehouses

wattstopperWattStopper has introduced time-saving remote functionality to warehouse lighting control with its new high/low bay sensor. The sensor is packed with features to simplify installation and maintenance, making it easier to manage energy effectively in applications where lighting is mounted as high as 40 feet.

Part of a new family of fixture-mounted sensors, the infrared (IR) remote-controlled occupancy sensor includes a pre-installed lens for mounting heights from 15 to 40 feet. For aisle way applications, installers can snap on a rotatable masking ring, included with the PIR (passive infrared) sensor. This new lens design simplifies ordering and installation compared to previous products that either work only at specific heights, or require on site assembly using specific lenses for different applications

The compact sensor also features accessible onboard controls for installers who prefer presetting special control parameters. A companion product includes the same controls and lens, but without the IR capability.

WattStopper launched ladder-free sensor configuration with its Digital Lighting Management controls, and subsequently added remote capability to parking lot sensor and now to high bay sensors. Installers and facility managers can store multiple sensor parameter profiles in a single IR remote control device to speed configuration and optimize control for different applications.

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Acuity Brands Demonstrates its Newest Intelligent and Responsive Lighting System

Acuity Brands Showcasing New Intelligent and Responsive Lighting System at LFI 2014 Aera_Office

Acuity Brands, Inc. recently demonstrated its Aera lighting system, which delivers functional white light to a space while allowing users to create, personalize and enhance their environment through dynamic color changing “windows.” The system ushers in a new era of active, user-centric lighting for commercial and residential spaces. Users will be empowered to create and alter environments on demand through the use of a custom smart phone, tablet or computer application.

For a variety of reasons, there are numerous indoor spaces where people cannot easily access natural light. There is increasing recognition that biophilic design, or bringing life to architecture, can have broad-reaching implications for the health and well-being of building occupants.

The Aera system has the ability to enhance a predominantly static indoor environment through the simulation of cycled natural daylight and dynamic scenes created by the user. These scenes can help enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being. The Aera system’s integrated window-like presence in the wall taps into a human being’s natural tendencies to want to look to the horizon to ascertain time of day, experience visual relief, or experience light and views.

The Aera system is scheduled to be available through Winona Lighting in late summer 2014.

Philips Unveils DuaLED with SpaceWise


Philips’ duaLED provides high efficiency, clean aesthetics and excellent visual comfort in a general lighting luminaire. Optional SpaceWise automated wireless technology provides integrated occupancy and daylight harvesting for additional control and energy savings with no reduction of life.

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Schneider Electric’s Energy Insight Control Offering Wins Best of Category at LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards


Schneider Electric’s Energy Insight control offering won Best of Category in Controls, Building Integration, Site Automation and Distribution Systems at the LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards.

C-Bus networked lighting control, Powerlink intelligent panelboards, occupancy / light level sensors and Measurement and Verification panelboards from Schneider Electric create one of the most comprehensive offers in the lighting controls industry. They combine automated and web-enabled control with occupancy based solutions and dimming capabilities.

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Acuity Brands Launches Fresco Touchscreen Controls

Acuity Brands Revolutionizes Digital Lighting Control for Architectural Spaces-1

Acuity Brands, Inc. has introduced the new Fresco(TM) touchscreen from Acuity Controls, enabling intuitive control of traditional, color changing and tunable white light sources, as well as moving fixtures, to create visual impact in high performance spaces. Users easily manage key aspects of lighting including intensity, color, color temperature, energy and position.

The Fresco touchscreen can manage up to 36 zones, or can be connected to as many as seven additional stations to control up to 288 zones, bringing versatility to any space. Equipped with Bluetooth®, Fresco delivers a seamless experience on mobile devices, enabling intuitive control from anywhere in the room.

Fresco controls lighting through traditional line-voltage dimmed circuits, switching, 0-10V, DALI, nLight® technology and DMX/RDM. Available dimming and switching cabinets and DMX/RDM networking equipment are mastered by Fresco touchscreens to effortlessly manage both digital and traditional sources.

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Lutron Adds Higher Wattage Dimmers to its Successful C•L Collection for Dimmable LEDs and Dimmable CFLs


Lutron Electronics recently announced the addition of new 250W C•L dimmers to its popular C•L dimmer collection. C•L dimmers are designed and UL listed for controlling a broad range of light-emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. The higher wattage 250W C•L dimmer is also ideal for installations that incorporate a series of strip lights, downlights or linear cove lights.

With the introduction of the 250W C•L dimmer, Lutron now offers a non-neutral, 2-wire, forward phase wallbox solution that can guarantee a high quality dimming experience. When paired with the UL listed Hi-lume A-Series LTE LED driver, the 250W C•L dimmer delivers 1% dimming of LED fixtures, and with the non-neutral feature it allows for the dimmer to be used in any wallbox installation without pulling extra wires.

All dimmers in the C•L collection use advanced patented dimming circuitry, and can control a mixed load of light sources – including LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs – on the same circuit. New LED bulbs are constantly being introduced to the marketplace, and Lutron’s “Center of Excellence” tests hundreds of dimmer/bulb combinations to ensure compatibility – the entire, updated Compatible Bulb List is available online. To ensure compatibility between controls, drivers, and fixtures, Lutron also offers the online LED Product Selection Tool.

Available in Diva® and Ariadni® styles, and in a wide range of colors and finishes, the 250W C•L dimmer is versatile enough for use in both residential and commercial spaces. Typical applications include kitchens, dining rooms, and private offices, as well as ballrooms, hotel lobbies and restaurants.

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HUNT Dimming Announces Simplicity® PhotoSlide™ Lighting Controller

photoslideHUNT Dimming, the Fort Collins, CO-based manufacturer of lighting products, has launched the Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller, which combines manual dimming and daylight harvesting control in a single wall-mounted device.

The versatile slide controller allows users to switch (ON/OFF) or dim (continuous raise/lower without flicker from full output to five percent) both fluorescent and LED lighting, with a choice of 120V or 277V power supply and single-pole or three-way configuration. Additionally, an onboard light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy consumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. Ideal for any space receiving ample daylight and requiring manual control, from classrooms to private offices, the PhotoSlide™ offers opportunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings.

As a low-voltage control device, the PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring. Up to 50 dimmable ballast-driven light fixtures can be connected to a single controller.

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Hubbell Building Automation, Inc. Announces the wiHUBB® 480V On-Fixture Module

hubbellHubbell Building Automation, Inc. recently announced the introduction of the 480V version of the wiHUBB On-Fixture Module (OFM).

A control component of the popular wiHUBB® Wireless Lighting Control System, Hubbell Building Automation’s wiHUBB On-Fixture Module (OFM) is a self-contained intelligent wireless control module that provides On/Off lighting control for outdoor fixtures. Each OFM contains an integrated daylight sensor that can be used to turn lighting ON or OFF for that specific fixture based on the amount of natural light available. Each wiHUBB On-Fixture Module can be individually controlled or grouped with other wiHUBB devices. The wiHUBB OFM communicates via 900MHz radio frequency to other devices within the wiHUBB wireless self-organizing and self-healing mesh network.

This wiHUBB control component is now available in both 120-347VAC 50/60Hz and 480VAC 50/60Hz for higher voltage applications. The higher voltage version of the OFM is ideal for retrofit lighting control applications of parking lot and site lighting that currently run 480V power. The OFM provides individual fixture control without the need to rewire and change out the existing power service. The wiHUBB OFM has an operating temperature of -40°C to +90°C (-40°F to 194°F), is protected from the environment by a GSM UL Rated 94 HB smoked plastic housing, and can be installed into any standard twist lock photo-cell receptacle for easy retrofit. The wiHUBB OFM is FCC Certified, IC Approved, conforms with UL916, and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

New Lutron Solutions Provide Automatic Receptacle Control for Energy Code Compliance

lutronLutron Electronics is helping contractors comply with state and national building codes designed to automatically reduce electricity use in unoccupied spaces by requiring automatic control for 50% of the receptacles in commercial buildings.

The new code-compliant Lutron solutions – 20 A PowPak® relay module, 20 A Energi Savr Node™ with SoftSwitch®, and the XP switching module – provide receptacle control (and in some cases lighting control) from a single device, offering a convenient way to save energy and meet code.

Plug loads are now the third highest contributor to electricity usage in most office buildings, and this is expected to increase as more occupants use personal computers and other electronics.

As such, two energy codes are now in effect to reduce the waste:

* California Title 24 2013 – requires circuit control for 125 V receptacles (15 and 20 A) in rooms like private offices, open office areas, reception areas/lobbies, conference rooms, kitchenettes in office areas and copy rooms.

* ASHRAE 90.1-2010 energy standard (basis for energy codes) – requires automatic receptacle control for 125 V receptacles (15 and 20 A) in rooms like private offices, open office areas (including modular partition receptacles), and computer classrooms. 50% of all receptacles must be controlled.

“Contractors need a simple solution for meeting code and reducing energy consumption,” said Brian Donlon, Vice-President of Sales, U.S.A., at Lutron. “Lutron offers three unique solutions for any size space that will not only control receptacles, but comply with state and local energy codes making it an even stronger value for the client. We are pleased to provide such a robust suite of solutions to help our customers tackle this very real issue of plug loads wasting energy.”

To comply with the ASHRAE 90.1 and Title 24 Codes, Lutron offers the following solutions:

* Single circuit solution — 20 A PowPak relay module offers wireless control with simple, button-press programming. Can be used as a standalone solution for receptacle control or incorporated into a Lutron Energi TriPak® lighting control system. The module communicates wirelessly with Lutron Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy sensors, turning off power to the receptacles when the room is unoccupied. The module can also receive inputs from Pico® wireless controls for manual switching.

* Multi-circuit solution — 20 A Energi Savr Node with SoftSwitch controls up to four 20 A receptacle or lighting (120 V/277 V) circuits from the same module with no additional equipment required. Can be used as a standalone, single-area solution, or integrated into a Quantum® Total Light Management™ system. Receptacles are controlled via wired or wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors or personal controls, or via timeclock scheduling. A 0-10V version is also available and provides 0-10V dimming, switching, and receptacle control from one device.

* Panel-based Solution — XP switching module controls up to 48 receptacle or lighting (120V/277V) circuits with new 20 A XP switching modules. Modules are available for use in standalone XPS or LCP128 systems or as part of XP or CCP utilized in a Quantum total light management system. Receptacles are controlled via wired or wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors or personal controls, or via timeclock scheduling.

WattStopper Occupancy Sensors Simplify Ordering and Installation with Automatic Neutral Sense Technology

WattStopper has launched a line of optional-neutral occupancy sensors that let installers decide whether or not they need a neutral after they purchase a wall switch product. Because the sensors work for two-wire or three-wire applications, one device is compatible with 2011 NEC requirements and with existing wiring. Unlike competitive products, they require no special configuration, saving time for contractors, preventing miswiring and simplifying ordering. WattStopper’s patent-pending Neutral Sense Technology ensures proper operation in any installation.

Neutral Sense Technology was developed to address customers’ requests for products that offer the greatest versatility, allowing them to minimize stock and reduce customer returns based on ordering errors.

Single- and dual-relay optional neutral occupancy sensors are available in 120/277V and 347V models that use PIR or WattStopper’s patented dual technology. The sensors are fully featured to complement other WattStopper sensors, and most models include optional multiway control capability. Default operation is for the most energy efficient sequence of operation to simplify managing energy and achieving compliance with the latest energy codes. Color choices include white, light almond, ivory, grey, black and red, making the sensors appropriate for almost any application.