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Leviton Introduces Solutions for Connecting Wireless Access Points and IP Devices to Networks

Leviton recently introduced QuickPort® In-Wall and In-Ceiling Brackets, two unique solutions that support LAN connections for IP devices in environments where traditional wallplates are not practical. The brackets provide contractors and consultants with a location for a standards-based, testable permanent link for in-wall and in-ceiling connections to wireless access points, IP clocks, security cameras and other IP devices.

* QuickPort In-Wall and In-Ceiling Brackets protect installed cabling by providing a stable mounting and termination point for any category-rated QuickPort connector.

* In-Wall Brackets attach to standard electrical boxes, allowing the contractor to install and test the connection during initial installation. With the data connection recessed in the wall, the termination is protected throughout the rest of the construction process, and then during installation a short patch cord is used to make the final connection to the IP device.

* In-Ceiling Brackets attach to drop ceiling hardware, allowing the installed cabling to be tested and warranted, even in a plenum space. With cable lances and VELCRO® Brand tie downs to hold slack cable (also available from Leviton), contractors can perform the initial installation and permanent link testing, while allowing the flexibility to move the bracket to refine Wi-Fi coverage or WAN placement without needing to retest the link.

* Plenum-rated QuickPort® Surface-Mount Boxes attach to the In-Ceiling Brackets, which protect the termination and provide strain relief. This combination, when used with plenum-rated patch cords and cable, creates the ideal system for air-handling spaces above a drop ceiling.

* In-Ceiling Brackets support TIA-162-A cabling guidelines for wireless access points, and will support the upcoming TIA-862-B Intelligent Building Systems cabling standard.

The QuickPort Brackets, Surface-Mount Boxes and VELCRO Brand products are available through Leviton’s extensive distribution network. For assistance ordering plenum-rated patch cords, contact Leviton customer service. Go to the Leviton website for more on QuickPort® In-Wall and In-Ceiling Brackets.

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WattStopper Extends Occupancy Sensor Control to Plug Loads for Energy Savings and Code Compliance

wattstopperWattStopper recently introduced its Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) series. Extending occupancy-based lighting control to plug loads, the WRC line of products helps lighting control professionals meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 requirements to switch off selected receptacles. The solution also minimizes costs for retrofits and new construction as it utilizes RF technology and works with existing line voltage wiring.

The WRC solution facilitates Auto-On/Auto-Off occupancy-based control of plug loads and includes an RF Transmitter and intelligent RF Receptacles. The WRC line of products come in two versions: for use with stand-alone occupancy sensors, or with WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management (DLM) platform. The solution features:

· Robust 15A and 20A receptacles
· Simple Auto-On/Auto-Off receptacle control
· NEMA-approved labeling
· Convenient override and testing capability
· Works with all 24VDC WattStopper sensors and power packs
· DLM model works with DLM sensors

The products are ideal in a variety of applications including commercial offices, classrooms, conference rooms, copy rooms and any other space that requires a simple to implement plug load control solution.

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Nedap Introduces Wireless Activator

Nedap recently launched the Luxon wireless Activator. This product makes all kinds of luminaires (e.g., LED) truly intelligent and enables wireless dimming. It extends system functionality of lighting systems and maximizes energy savings.

With the Luxon wireless Activator, Nedap meets multiple market requirements offering lighting technology and brand-independent lighting solutions.

In a market where the demand for controls is rapidly growing, this newly developed solution adds intelligence to lighting systems in an easy way. The Luxon wireless Activator comes in three different versions: two for individual luminaire control in a built-in or remotely mountable version and one for group/line control. Each with its own functionality and benefits. All recommended luminaires enable integration within Luxon light management software.

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Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Adds Motion Sensor to LED Wallpack Family

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting’s LNC2 LED wallpack now features a motion sensor option. The updated fixture offers a perfect combination of efficiency, safety and security.

Available with two sensor options, the upgraded LNC2 LED wallpack delivers greater control and energy savings. The SCO option features an On/Off sensor, while the SCP option offers a programmable sensor with adjustable time delay and dimming level and Integral Photocell (SCP-REMOTE accessory is required to program in the field).

With a typical mounting height of 15 feet with 50-60 foot fixture spacing, the LNC2 delivers maximum perimeter illumination for safety, security and identity. The LNC2 also comes standard with quick mount that allows for simple mounting without having to open the fixture.

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Hubbell Outdoor Lighting Adds Motion Sensor Option to Award Winning LED Wallpack Family

Universal Expands Everline® LED Family with New Line of Compact and Linear Drivers

Universal Lighting Technologies has added to its extensive line of well over 1,000 LED products, with the launch of two new Class 2 UNV and 347V EVERLINE® LED Driver Families with tunable constant power output — Compact Drivers and Linear Drivers. The two new driver families are available with a variety of output current and power options that provide even more design flexibility for LED lighting.

Universal’s tunable constant power output allows the driver’s current to be tuned down while increasing the output voltage up to a maximum of 56V, enabling output power capacity to remain constant over a wide range. This permits the drivers to offer excellent load regulation with low total harmonic distortion (THD) and a high power factor (PF), down to 40 percent of the maximum output of power loading. Both new drivers incorporate dimming with 0-10V control.

The new EVERLINE LED Class 2 Linear Drivers are available in 700mA and 1050mA current with a maximum output of 30W, 1050mA and 1500mA current with a maximum output of 55W and 2100mA current with a maximum output of 80W.

The new EVERLINE LED Class 2 Compact Drivers are available in 700mA and 1050mA current with a maximum output of 30W as well as1050mA and 1500mA current with a maximum output of 55W. The drivers in this family additionally feature a multi-exit lead terminal, allowing for both side-exit and bottom-exit configurations. Bottom exit configurations are available with studs for J-Box mounting.

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Los Angeles Adopts Intelligent Street Lighting

Royal Philips has announced that the City of Los Angeles (LA) will become the first city in the world to control its street lighting through an advanced Philips management system that uses mobile and cloud-based technologies.

The new technology confirms LA’s Bureau of Street Lighting as a trailblazer in next generation LED street lighting with a new solution that saves energy, reduces maintenance and provides quality lighting that makes streets safer for LA residents. The technology also supports Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets initiative, promoting the revitalization of neighborhoods through more pedestrian-friendly streets for LA’s citizens.

Los Angeles SkylineLA has long been at the forefront of smart city innovations, including adopting new web-based technologies that will help city administrators better manage city services such as street lighting. With the addition of the Philips CityTouch connected lighting management system, the LA Bureau of Street Lighting can remotely control lighting fixtures, as well as monitor energy use and the status of each light. Using mobile chip technology embedded into each fixture, the street lights are able to identify themselves and network instantly. This smart plug and play approach not only reduces the cost of programming each fixture, it also reduces the time of commissioning from days to minutes and eliminates on-site commissioning completely. Furthermore, the entire system can be securely controlled and managed remotely through any web browser.

“LA has more LED street lights than any other city in America, with about 7,500 centerline miles,” said Ed Ebrahimian, director of the Bureau of Street Lighting for the City of Los Angeles. “This required a solution that would allow us to remotely control street lights and accurately report how much energy each light is consuming, while also being easy to install and flexible enough to adapt to broader Smart City plans. We piloted several solutions over the last year and decided to implement CityTouch as it required no further investment or intervention in our infrastructure.”

While CityTouch is already in use in 31 countries, the LA solution is the first in the world connecting directly to each light point using the Philips CityTouch connector node, which can connect street lights from any manufacturer. This extends the life of legacy and LED systems alike, enabling them to become connected light points. CityTouch gives the Bureau of Street Lighting a clear picture of the entire city’s lighting system at its fingertips, with map-based visualization, charts and diagrams. The combination of LED technology and management software will enable the Bureau to better manage its assets, while Angelinos benefit from the increased uptime, with safer, well-lit streets.

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Eaton’s WaveStream™ LED Luminaires Feature Integrated Sensor Control System

Eaton’s Metalux Encounter™ and SkyRidge™ LED luminaire families are now available with an optional integrated sensor control system, optimized to meet energy codes for occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. The system is one of the most cost-effective solutions, saving installation time and money in enclosed smaller ambient spaces.

Designed to meet today’s energy code demands, the Metalux Encounter and SkyRidge luminaires with the integrated sensor system are suitable for new construction or retrofits in enclosed rooms with one to six luminaires, where both occupancy detection and daylight harvesting control are required. The innovative control system is factory-wired to the luminaires, switching on or off based on occupancy and dimming the light when enough daylight is available.

When compared to the cost of furnishing and installing traditional occupancy and daylight sensors, in addition to the cost of the luminaire, installing the Metalux integrated-sensor fixtures require only a single product to mount and a single electrical connection to make – no additional wiring or special installation requirements – saving customers time and money on the total installation cost.

The sensor system offers out-of-the-box operation using thoughtful default settings, but when the application demands more, the sensor system has the option to make changes to one or more fixtures using a remote control. The remote allows changes to the default settings for occupancy, target light level, preset lighting levels and more.

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Lutron’s Grafik T Dimmer

lutronLutron Electronics’ Grafik T lighting control dimmer is easy and intuitive to use: All that’s required to raise or lower the lights is a touch on the LED light bar – no knobs, buttons, or sliders.

Grafik T closely resembles Lutron’s Vierti dimmer and switch, but there are several key differences:

· Grafik T is the first architecturally designer dimmer with patented C·L dimming technology. It allows Grafik T to control dimmable screw-in LEDs, which are becoming increasingly prevalent in both residential and commercial markets.

· Lutron’s Clear Connect technology is embedded which lets users connect Grafik T to wireless occupancy and daylight sensors which helps commercial building owners meet the latest energy codes.

· Grafik T is also compatible with the following Lutron systems: HomeWorks QS, RadioRA 2, Quantum Total Light Management system, and Energi Tri Pak.

· The dimmer can also control 350w (or up to 8 drivers) of Lutron’s A-Series LTE LED drivers.

· Grafik T is available with a glass wall plate, in addition to other colors and metal finished.

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Lighting Controls Association Members Set to Display New Products at LIGHTFAIR (Sneak Peak!)

The Lighting Controls Association is proud to offer a sneak peak at a selection of new products that will be displayed by members at LIGHTFAIR International May 5-7 in New York City. While some can be seen here, many more await at member booths, so be sure to visit!



Cree, Inc. recently introduced SmartCast™ Technology, a self-programming wireless lighting-control system that reduces energy consumption by more than 70% (compared to traditional fluorescent luminaires without SmartCast Technology), at half the cost of traditional lighting controls. Intuitive and easy to use, luminaires enabled with Cree SmartCast Technology remove the initial and ongoing complexity associated with lighting controls.

Featuring Cree’s OneButton™ Setup, luminaires enabled with SmartCast Technology create their own secure network, learn about their environment and form groups to maximize savings, all with the push of a single button.

Cree SmartCast Technology is currently available in CR Series LED troffers, CS Series linear luminaires and KR Series downlights, as well as via a 0–10V interface for control of existing dimmable LED luminaires. These critical features not only save users energy and money but are compliant with emerging code requirements throughout the United States and Canada.

Check out SmartCast here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #1657.


daintree BEMaaS

BEMaaS™ is a new cloud based solution that takes Daintree’s ControlScope® performance to the next level. Leveraging the power of cloud computing and ControlScope software, BEMaaS brings unprecedented flexibility, convenience and control to your facility for a simple subscription fee. Harness the power of wireless network control without the hassles of network management.
BEMaaS helps to keep your commercial & industrial sites running smoothly and efficiently at the lowest installed cost. Daintree’s BEMaaS solution provides maximum energy savings and operational benefits with no large upfront capital investment.

• Total control over energy costs
• No upfront capital investment, shift capital expense to operating expense
• Lower total cost of ownership – no server or software to buy, reduced maintenance and install cost
• Automatic system upgrade and software enhancements, instant access to latest features
• Scalable system with flexibility to add facilities or new applications without infrastructure headache
• Reduced burden on customer IT department, faster project deployment, less training required

daintree Embedded Wireless

Daintree Networks is also excited to work with LG Innotek to embed wireless communication capability directly into LED drivers. The innovative product allows lighting manufacturers to create wireless-ready LED fixtures that can seamlessly interact with Daintree’s ControlScope® networked wireless control solution.

Embedded wireless drivers allow customers to eliminate the cost and installation challenges associated with multibox wireless implementations that require a separate wireless adapter and LED drivers for advanced control. The product is expected to result in significant savings for users, both in up-front costs (up to 85 percent) and in energy efficiency following installation (up to 90%).

Check out Daintree here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #3133.


ETC Unison Echo Room Controller

With four or eight 20-amp relays and 0-10V control, the Echo Room Controller boosts a system’s circuit quantity. It can support six stations and external power controllers, and optionally includes Astronomical and Real TimeClock functions.

ETC Unison Echo TimeClock

The Echo TimeClock also contributes to energy savings, because users can take advantage of time-of-day controls to trigger presets in Echo control systems and ETC Sensor® power-control systems. One TimeClock can be used to program and run timed events in 16 spaces, with optional override settings for holidays or other special events.

Check out ETC’s Echo family here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #3269.


hubbell NXRC

The NX™ Room Controller integrates automatic and manual lighting control for a single room or space. The simplicity of plug-in installation and intuitive auto-configuration create an easy and affordable way to meet energy codes.

Digital wall switches, vacancy/occupancy sensors and daylight sensors simply plug into the NX Room Controller and are auto-configured to default operations. Device communication is over standard CAT5 cables to eliminate wiring errors.

More advanced dimming and daylight configuration can be accomplished using of optional smart iOS® and Android™ phone apps.

These features add up to efficient installation for classrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, reception areas and more.

Check out Hubbell’s NX Room Controller here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #721.



HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller combines manual dimming and daylight harvesting control for LED lighting in a single wall-mounted device.

The versatile slide controller allows users to switch or dim 120V or 277V LED or fluorescent lighting. The light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy consumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. PhotoSlide™ offers opportunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. The PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring.

Check out HUNT Dimming’s Photoslide lighting controller here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #2904.



The Palladiom™ QS Keypad is the newest addition to Lutron’s global family of customizable wired QS keypads and controls lights, shades/drapes and HVAC. It works with Lutron’s HomeWorks® QS, Quantum® and QS standalone systems and has a customizable layout and can be made with plastic, glass or metal. There are large, tactile buttons with a backlit, so engraved text is easy to find and operate. This new keypad is ideal for architects, lighting designers and interior designers looking for a clean keypad design in 4- and 5-Star hotel guestrooms, high-end commercial applications such as restaurants, retail spaces and conference rooms.


Now available in dimmers and switches and for use with Quantum® total light management system and HomeWorks® QS home control system, the GRAFIK T™ (newly expanded family) by Lutron Electronics marries the company’s advanced touch dimming technology with intuitive, minimalist design. Its aesthetic is elegant and timeless, with a faceplate that appears to float off the wall. Available in 41 colors and finishes, including metal and glass, the GRAFIK T aesthetic is flexible enough to complement the design of any residential or commercial interior.

Check out Lutron’s Palladiom QS Keypad here and GRAFIK T here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #1420.


nedap Remote Activator JB vrijst

The Luxon wireless Activator offers brand & technology independent lighting solutions that fit every customer needs. All luminaires of your choice with a 1-10V interface allow for integration within our intuitive light management software by using the Luxon wireless Activator.

The Luxon wireless Activator comes in three different versions for control per luminaire or per group of luminaires. First there is a build-in version and a remotely mounted version for control per luminaire. Secondly there is an Activator designed for group control. All these Activator types are easy to install and make lighting systems truly intelligent.

Check out Nedap’s Luxon wireless activator here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #641.



OSRAM SYLVANIA has launched the ENCELIUM® Wireless Energy Management System (EMS), a robust portfolio of sleek hardware solutions designed to expand lighting control to hard-to-reach locations and simplify and lower the overall cost of installation. The new ENCELIUM Wireless EMS is based on the ZigBee® Pro network stack and includes wireless managers, sensors, control modules for attaching to light fixtures, and wallstations. It is a cost-effective option for retrofitting existing spaces with the latest in lighting control technology, while also reducing the complexity involved with wiring. The components also have a low-profile, sleek design that offers a ‘silent’ ceiling look.


OSRAM SYLVANIA has released the latest version of its ENCELIUM® lighting management software – Polaris 3D® 3.5.3. Developed in North America and accessible anytime, anywhere via the Internet, the Polaris 3D software is the core element of the ENCELIUM system that facilitates the commissioning, usage and data analysis of the lighting installation. The new Polaris 3D software offers wireless device control, including Relay Panel and Phase Cut Dimmer Tethering via the new Wireless Control Module, and a built in Astronomical Clock, giving the ability to provide a central control of any zones that require triggers based on Sunrise and Sunset information.

Check out OSRAM’s Encelium control solution here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #1922.


BantamX 32_1

PLC Multipoint has recently expanded upon the company’s highly successful Bantam platform. With the addition of up to 48 relays of control, the Bantam Lighting Control Panel is suitable for small, medium and large applications. Customers that have specified the Bantam for their lighting control needs have found the simple LCD and integral keypad interface to be easy to use. In addition, having up to 4 analog inputs that are pre-programmed makes the Bantam ideal for daylighting applications.

PLC Multipoint began offering a basic 8-relay panel, but found that customers were looking to control an increasing number of loads. The Bantam can now be specified with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 relays in a single enclosure. In addition to the Analog inputs, the Bantam supports up to 48 low-voltage inputs which are commonly used for override switches or occupancy sensors. To reduce the cost of wiring and to simplify installation, customers can also choose to use digital switches.

LCM5 New Layout-Relays

PLC Multipoint now also offers the LCM5 to its customers. This basic lighting control panel is based on PLC’s more than 20 years of lighting control experience. It is tailored to the needs of the light commercial market and is an ideal solution for gas stations and convenience store locations.

The LCM5 can control multiple outputs from a single analog sensor input. These outputs can be associated with different lighting levels based on zones, tasks, and timers. PLC Multipoint offers the ability to preprogram each panel per customer requirements, while changes can be made through a simple LCD interface to the Digital Time Clock. The customer can program up to 5 zones of control and the panel comes with 3 override switches on the front panel. Each panel is fully customizable.

Check out PLC Multipoint’s products here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #2809.


EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit by Universal Lighting Technologies

The EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit by Universal features “matched” LED modules and drivers along with the reliability of our complete in-house design (electronic, thermal, and optical). The EVERLINE Retrofit Kit qualifies for many available utility rebate programs and supports a 35-70% reduction in fixture energy consumption. Available in multiple color temperatures, the EVERLINE Retrofit Kit offers premium optical performance using a broad distribution angle and careful binning process to eliminate dark zones and ensure an 82 CRI or greater. The Retrofit Kit is also Installer friendly; containing all of the screws, lead wires and connectors needed for simple, quick installation.

Check out Universal’s EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #1675.



New WattStopper® Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) extend occupancy-based lighting control to plug loads, helping specifiers and installers meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and Title 24 requirements to switch off selected receptacles. This simple, yet robust solution works with existing line-voltage wiring, minimizing costs for retrofits or new construction.

WRC transmitters are available to work with all WattStopper occupancy sensors, including Digital Lighting Management (DLM) sensors. The transmitters send occupancy status to 15- or 20-Amp controlled receptacles, available and with one or two switched outlets. Controlled receptacles feature NEMA-approved labeling, and have feed thru capability for downstream control of additional outlets.


WattStopper’s industry-leading Digital Lighting Management (DLM) intelligent control platform now extends to individual fixtures, enabling complete zone control flexibility.

New fixture controllers help specifiers and installers adapt projects to meet changing requirements without having to rewire lighting, and allow OEMs to supply DLM-enabled fixtures. The controllers, which offer 0-10V or PWM dimming, simplify manufacturing, with a separate RJ45 wiring whip for flexible mounting options.

A new zone controller supports applications with large numbers of fixture controllers for both occupancy- and time-based control. The zone controller also simplifies event scheduling, enhancing DLM’s ability to enable advanced sequences of operation.

Check out WattStopper here and visit LIGHTFAIR Booth #802.

Cree Adds Intelligent Color to SmartCast Technology

Cree, Inc. has introduced field-adjustable color temperature for its SmartCast™ Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers, delivering a dynamic and customizable lighting experience for building managers and occupants. The first of Cree’s luminaires to feature instantly adjustable color temperatures, Cree’s SmartCast Technology combined with its TrueWhite® Technology allow for superior color quality and consistency while providing greater flexibility to control illumination at no additional cost.

In combination with the intuitive SmartCast Technology, Cree luminaires featuring field adjustable color temperature enhance commercial building design by eliminating the need to decide on color temperature at the onset of installation. With the ability to choose from 3000K to 5000K in 500K increments, SmartCast Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers enable the use of only one troffer type in any space regardless of lighting preference. The result is simplified specification, ordering and installation.

The CR Series LED troffers with SmartCast Technology offering field adjustable CCT are sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the United States and Canada. Click here to learn more.

Cree Reinvents Commercial Experience with Intelligent Lighting-1