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WattStopper/Legrand’s Unique Plug Load Controls Save Energy and Can Contribute to LEED Credits

Watt Stopper/Legrand’s Isolé plug load controller provides a convenient way for building managers to prevent wasted energy from a wide variety of electrical devices in private and modular offices. Isolé couples a personal occupancy sensor with a surge-protected power strip to turn off unneeded devices when a space is vacant while also protecting expensive equipment. It is the only occupancy-based plug load controller available.

Isolé provides two uncontrolled outlets for devices that should remain on regardless of occupancy and six occupancy-controlled outlets. Plugging equipment such as monitors, task lighting, radios, calculators, fans, heaters and transformers into the controlled outlets is a convenient way to ensure that these devices will only be powered up when they are needed. In addition to turning off unneeded lighting and fans, Isolé also shuts off power to “phantom” loads such as sleeping monitors and unused transformers. While many modern electronic devices now have a low-power standby mode, they still draw significant amounts of power unless they are switched off, and many charging units draw power unless they are unplugged.

Energy codes and green building initiatives are only beginning to address control of the growing electrical demand of plug loads. ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 requires inline control of permanently installed task lighting, but does not require automatic off or regulate other plug loads. Because Isolé exceeds ASHRAE requirements, this solution can contribute to LEED credits for optimizing energy performance as well as providing significant financial savings.

The Isolé power strip recently underwent the more stringent testing required for the 3rd edition of UL standard 1449. This testing ensures improved safety for both connected equipment and building occupants. Additionally, Isolé plug load controls meet the requirements outlined by New York City Department of Buildings’ Code Revision and Interpretation Committee for moveable power connections in office spaces.

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