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New Watt Stopper/Legrand Power Packs Feature Higher Output and an Unprecedented Choice of Field-Selectable Manual-ON Lighting Control

New Watt Stopper Power Packs Feature Higher Output and an Unprecedented Choice of Field-Selectable Manual-ON Lighting ControlWatt Stopper/Legrand has developed the BZ-50 and BZ-150, two high output, universal voltage, plenum-rated, RoHS-compliant power packs that provide customers with greater design flexibility as well as increased energy savings potential. The power packs use zero crossing to switch line voltage loads and provide 24VDC to power occupancy sensors or other devices. The BZ-150 is the first power pack that can be field configured for manual-on operation to support either a manual-on or bi-level automatic-on control strategy.

Both power packs accept 120, 230 or 277V power at 50 or 60Hz and provide a 225mA output. By producing a universal voltage power pack, Watt Stopper/Legrand has minimized the number of SKUs its distributors need to stock, and simplified the design and construction process for specifiers and contractors. The 225mA output – 50% higher than that of previous power packs, and the highest output available in the market – allows customers to connect more occupancy sensors to each pack and reduce the overall cost of the project.

The BZ-150 also provides unique control capabilities including the field selectable operating mode and hold-on and hold-off inputs. A DIP switch enables quick selection of auto or manual mode, providing an ideal solution for bi-level automatic-on control (just one lighting level comes on automatically). Manual-on and bi-level automatic-on strategies have been shown to increase energy savings over traditional automatic-on control. Energy codes now encourage or require these strategies for certain spaces. The hold-off input is used to facilitate load shedding, while the hold-on input keeps lights on in special applications such as retail stores.

The power packs employ zero cross switching to protect the relays from the high inrush currents of today’s electronic ballasts. Zero crossing is crucial to long product life, and the power packs carry a five-year warranty. At the end of a long service life, these power packs may be disposed of safely since they are manufactured in accordance with the RoHS Directive (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) and are free of lead, mercury and other toxic materials.

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