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Universal Lighting Technologies Introduces new 39W Mini-Square eHID Ballasts

New 39W mini-square eHID ballasts are now available from Universal Lighting Technologies. These units feature universal input voltage in the mini-square platform, including “footed,” “top lead with studs,” and “studs with 120V tap” versions. Ideal for replacing both 120V and 277V models with a single SKU, the 39W mini-square eHID ballast simplifies inventory, saving time and trouble for OEMs, distributors, and contractors. In addition, these ballasts feature a higher degree of component integration for greater noise immunity and enhanced startability.

In addition, ULT?s “120V tap“ version has the competitive advantage to also operate a 3-wire “self-heating insulation detector thermal protector,” which generates a significant cost reduction (up to $5 per fixture) for the OEM vs. the 4-wire version. The respective ULT part numbers are 188895.02 (footed), 188896.02 (studs), and 188897.02 (JT3 “120V tap”).

Electronic high-intensity discharge (eHID) ballasts can significantly reduce energy use and monthly operating costs in a broad range of applications such as warehouses, big-box retail stores, factories, manufacturing facilities, schools, and parking lots. All Universal eHID ballasts feature industry-leading intelligence in the form of a microprocessor that continuously monitors lamp characteristics during operation and adjusts the lamp current to optimize lamp performance. They also stabilize lamp color temperature by providing a relatively constant output power, and they provide flicker-free performance throughout the lifespan of the lamp. Additional features include a rugged, lightweight design.

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