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Philips Lighting Electronics Expands Ballast Offering Through NEMA Premium® Ballast Program

Philips Lighting Electronics has announced the expansion of its offering of high-efficiency Philips Advance branded electronic ballasts participating in the NEMA Premium® Ballast Program. In addition to the original range of Philips Advance Optanium® high-efficiency T8 ballasts listed, two additional Optanium ballasts have been registered within the program as well as several Philips Advance Centium® 2-4-lamp ballasts for 32 Watt T8 fluorescent applications.

The two Philips Advance Optanium ballasts that have been added are 2 and 3-lamp low-profile, high light output, instant start models. The six Centium® instant start electronic ballasts that have joined the program come in a variety of low wattage and low profile versions. Along with the original range of participating Optanium ballasts, these additional Philips Advance models support sustainable design and can be part of an overall high-efficiency lighting system that may help end users achieve certification for LEED, ASHRAE, Title 24, EPAct, the Energy Independence & Security Act, or any other local energy code they desire to meet.

Consistent with Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) specifications and tested in accordance with ANSI standards, products eligible to participate in the new NEMA Premium® Ballast Program include either instant-start or programmed rapid start fixed output, electronic ballasts designed for use with four-foot 32 Watt T8 fluorescent lamps. Qualifying products bear a special designation designed to help lighting professionals and end users recognize the market’s highest-performing ballast products available and optimally support their green, energy-efficient, or sustainable lighting objectives.

“We are very excited to expand our offering of high-efficiency Philips Advance electronic ballasts within the NEMA Premium® Ballast Program and to continuously aid lighting professionals and end users in recognizing the highest-performing ballast products in the market,” says Tom Bosworth, Vice President of Fluorescent Product Management, Philips Lighting Electronics.

Continues Bosworth, “Philips has a long tradition of delivering green and energy-efficient lighting solutions to the marketplace and Philips’ participation in this program provides assurance that the selected products are doing the utmost to maximize energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and drive sustainability in both retrofit and new construction applications.”

Part numbers for Philips Advance ballasts recently added to the NEMA Premium® Ballast Program are:

Centium® Instant Start Ballasts:

  • ICN-2P32-N
  • ICN-3P32-SC
  • ICN-4P32-SC
  • ICN-2P32-LW-SC
  • ICN-3P32-LW-SC
  • ICN-4P32-LW-SC

Optanium® High-Efficiency, High Light Output, Instant Start Ballasts:

  • IOPA-2P32-HL-SC
  • IOPA-3P32-HL-SC

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