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Leviton Introduces New Production Line Tester for Linear Fluorescent Fixtures

Leviton introduces new production tester line for linear fluorescent fixturesLeviton Manufacturing has introduced a new line of test equipment designed to help fluorescent fixture manufacturers avoid production line mis-wiring errors. The new production line tester checks for and verifies the integrity of wiring connections as part of a linear fluorescent test fixture manufacturing process.

The test machine incorporates test/verification features, including socket type identification, ballast identification, ballast operating current, ballast wattage output, input current and input wattage. It is designed to work with 4ft-long linear fluorescent lighting fixtures incorporating 2 – 8 lamps, rotary-action lampholders, and single or multiple ballasts including emergency ballasts.

The test machine uses a highly-visible color video display to indicate voltage measurements at each socket and has both visual and aural fault indicators. Fault data can be compiled and downloaded to a master data collection bank via Internet connections. Lamp-pin style test probes allow testing of any T8 or T5 rotary style socket, regardless of the manufacturer and whether the socket has integral test ports.

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