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Leviton Introduces New Line of Motion Sensors

Leviton has introduced a full line of residential Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors that combine state-of-the-art technology with a sleek new design to provide optimal management of lighting and motor loads. Available in either Automatic-ON (Occupancy) or Manual-ON (Vacancy) switching, these energy-saving sensors are available in models engineered to control current LED, CFL, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen or motor loads. Leviton Sensors help manage energy consumption and costs by ensuring that lights/loads will turn OFF automatically when a space is unoccupied and motion is no longer detected within the covered range.

Featured in the new line is a Dimming Sensor, available in both Manual-ON and Automatic-ON models. The Dimming Sensor provides users the ability to easily adjust lighting levels of compatible dimmable LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs for combined energy-efficiency and ambiance. A patented built-in starting technology ensures smooth start-up for hard to start CFLs.

This new line of sensors uses passive infrared (PIR) detection technology to monitor a room for occupancy through a segmented lens. The devices are designed to fit in a standard wallbox with minimal protrusion and provide 180 degree field of view and 900 square feet coverage. All models have screw terminals for easy installation and most do not require a neutral wire for connection. The devices feature a time delay setting which allows users the option to delay the lights/motor load from automatically switching OFF for 30 seconds, five minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes to better manage energy savings.

The devices are certified to the applicable U.S. and Canadian Standards by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the leading safety agency in the industry, and come with a five-year limited product warranty. The entire line is California Title 20 compliant, as required beginning Feb. 1, 2013, and the line’s Vacancy Sensors are California Title 24 compliant. Available in White, Ivory and Light Almond, all are compatible with Leviton’s complete line of signature Decora® wiring devices and wallplates. Color change kits are available providing the ability to update the look of the device with changes in décor. This new residential line of sensors complements Leviton’s commercial line of motion sensors.

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