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Cooper Controls Introduces Emergency Power Control (CEPC) for Greengate and iLumin Lighting Control Systems

cooper controls CEPCCooper Controls now offers an emergency control device that supports switching along with two-, three-, and four-wire dimming. The Cooper Emergency Power Control (CEPC) is an emergency control solution for sites with distributed circuits or fixtures that are switched or dimmable and require emergency control.

Located near the emergency fixture it is controlling, the CEPC monitors available power and controls the emergency fixture or circuit accordingly. Under normal power conditions, the CEPC duplicates the commands being sent to the normal load circuit, switching and dimming emergency fixtures in tandem with the non-emergency fixtures.

If normal power is lost for any reason, the CEPC will detect the power loss, feed the emergency fixture with the emergency power source and force the connected emergency fixtures to full ON.

The CEPC is a UL924 approved solution that meets NEC, OSHA and NFPA safety codes. CEPC is compatible with iLumin lighting control dimming and switching panels; Greengate lighting control relay and metering panels; and Greengate occupancy sensors.

In addition, the CEPC offers an automatic test feature that saves maintenance time and protects the integrity of the system. Under normal operating conditions when the controlled load is turned OFF, the emergency lighting will remain ON for an additional five seconds. This feature eliminates the need for special equipment to test the emergency control device and ensures regular system testing by conducting a test every time the lights are turned OFF.

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