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OSRAM SYLVANIA Releases Mobile App for Wireless DMX Lighting Control

OSRAM SYLVANIA has announced the availability of the OSRAM DMX Wi-Fi Controller app. Available for free for Android and iOS mobile devices, the DMX Wi-Fi Controller app allows lighting technicians to control up to 512 DMX channels from their mobile device, giving them the power of a DMX controller with the freedom of mobile technology.

“The OSRAM DMX Wi-Fi Controller app is ideal for lighting technicians, gaffers and production electricians to quickly access their wireless-enabled fixtures from any location in the building,” said Mark DeLorenzo, entertainment business manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “With their smartphone or tablet computer, they can quickly control and adjust light levels, color and other fixture variables without having to be at the lighting console.”

Once the mobile device is connected to the same wireless network as the lighting system, the lighting professional enters the IP address for the DMX/Ethernet converter into the app. Alternatively, the app can scan for it by simply pressing a button. The DMX Wi-Fi Controller app then saves the settings for future use. Individual channel levels can be set with sliders or entered directly with the keypad. The visual sliders that control lighting variables can be set to adjust in real-time, or multiple changes across numerous fixtures can be sent simultaneously with a simple key stroke.

Click here to download the app.

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1 comment to OSRAM SYLVANIA Releases Mobile App for Wireless DMX Lighting Control

  • Garnet

    Hi, l think this app is great but today l went to use it and when l turned some lights on they stayed lite for only 10 seconds and turned themselves off. I can’t seem to get them to stay on. What do l have to do to keep them going? Your help will be much appreciated.

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