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DOE Releases Model Specification for Adaptive Control and Remote Monitoring of LED Roadway Luminaires

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium has released Version 1.0 of its Model Specification for Adaptive Control and Remote Monitoring of LED Roadway Luminaires. The tool is designed to help cities, utilities, and other local agencies accelerate their adoption of systems that can further reduce energy and maintenance costs associated with streetlights.

The estimated 26.5 million streetlights in the U.S. consume as much electricity each year as 1.9 million households, and generate greenhouse gas emissions equal to that produced by 2.6 million cars. Switching these streetlights to LED can save energy and money, and incorporating remote monitoring and adaptive lighting control systems can increase those savings substantially.

Intended as a living document that will evolve to accommodate future changes in the market, the model specification provides suggested high-level requirements and a template for translating unique user needs into clear and consistent language. This version has undergone public review to gather input from users, technology providers, and other industry stakeholders to determine what requirements should be mandatory, how best to support the breadth of system architectures and features available in the marketplace, and where the development of standards that reduce user risk could be encouraged.

Click here to download the model specification.

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