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Whitepaper from WattStopper and Durell Control Systems Focuses on System Integration in High-Performance Buildings

wattstopperWattStopper and Durell Control Systems have published a new white paper examining best practices for control systems integration in high performance buildings. The paper uses case studies to explore how project partners can successfully collaborate with design and construction teams, focusing on two recently completed high performance buildings in London, Ontario, Canada.

Building owners can take away several valuable ideas from the white paper, such as the importance of including control vendors and integrators early in the design process, as well as the benefits possible from using open protocol solutions.

The province of Ontario, Canada, home of Durell Control Systems, has adopted ambitious energy code requirements based on ASHRAE 90.1-2010, and effective integration makes it easier to meet or exceed the required performance. Durell’s Control Engineer / VP Nazem Abou Chami says, “When building owners include all the project partners early in the design process, the team can improve building performance by managing critical details from helping select and position sensors, to establishing sequences of operation and customizing user interfaces for occupant satisfaction.”

Click here to read the whitepaper.

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