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Controlling LEDs

Lithonia Lighting’s Dave Ranieri penned an excellent short article on the potential of matching state-of-the-art lighting control with LED technology. He writes:

“When paired with well-designed and integrated digital components, LED lighting systems are fully capable of executing common lighting control strategies, such as manual dimming, scheduling, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting. Moreover, the solid-state nature of LED components easily facilitates the use of advanced control strategies like lumen design and management, high-end trim tuning at the space and luminaire level, as well as integrated building management systems and utility demand response. Because LEDs essentially put a “chip” in every luminaire, digital addressability and local control flexibility become standard features.”

Read the complete article here.

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2 comments to Controlling LEDs

  • Ray Cruz

    How could this SPAK controller to work if I have to design 6 levels parking structure using all LEDS from 277V source located in level 1. Do I have to use SPAK for every levels to serve circuits per levels. Please advise Thanks.

  • It really does come down to the ‘solid state’ nature of LEDs, this is why we’re seeing them utilized more and more often in thousands of applications. Designers and engineers want to work with something that is truly flexible, and this is the answer! Thanks for the quote.

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