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WattStopper Receives Patent for DLM Technology

DLMWattStopper’s systems development team was recently awarded a United States Patent for the simplicity and flexibility at the heart of the company’s flagship Digital Lighting Management (DLM) lighting control system. The patent covers the technology behind the time-saving free topology wiring and automatic configuration, known as Plug n’ Go™. To earn the patent, the team demonstrated that their invention was unique and innovative in the building controls industry.

Vice President Market Development Pete Horton comments, “DLM was the first digital control system built on a scalable room network, and is the only system that can perform automatic configuration. Plug n’ Go simplifies complex energy code and high performance building requirements by automating what used to be an expensive and inconsistent process.”

Plug n’ Go enables DLM devices including room controllers, occupancy sensors and switches to operate out of the box using the most energy efficient sequence of operation without any field configuration. Installers simply plug the controls together on a free topology low voltage local network, and the room controllers develop the sequences of operation based on the connected devices in the room.

Lou Weidman, Pete Horton, Jason Joyce, Eric Fournier and Howard Herrera were named in United States Patent US 8,487,474 B2 as Inventors of the popular DLM technology. The patent for “Method and Apparatus for Electrical Load Control Network” was granted on July 16, 2013.

Digital Lighting Management also features the flexibility to conveniently reconfigure controls using Push n’ Learn™, which allows installers and facility mangers to customize sequences of operation to meet unique space requirements. The powerful technology platform is updated regularly to include new functionality. The recent v5.xx firmware release introduced a wide range of dimming control capabilities developed to support the latest multi-level energy code requirements.

Click here to learn more about WattStopper’s DLM technology.

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