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WattStopper Publishes Best Practice Guide For Schools

WattStopper has published a set of best practice solutions for classrooms to help specifiers and facility managers quickly identify and implement energy-saving lighting control solutions for these high-value spaces, which account for approximately $8 billion in energy costs annually in the U.S. The new online tool offers users a range of design options to meet different energy-savings goals, and provides a wealth of detailed information from wiring diagrams to equipment schedules. Solutions feature WattStopper’s Digital Lighting Management controls, which offer superior flexibility in installation and performance.

Code-compliance tables clearly identify which control solutions meet the requirements of different versions of ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC, as well as California’s Title 24. Options also include a range of energy savings, from basic code-driven levels (about 30% savings) to more aggressive levels typically found in LEED projects.

Each best practice solution includes an overview with a sample floorplan showing typical lighting, controls and furniture layouts. Additional drawings, helpful to both designers and installers, include wiring and connecting drawings, mounting diagrams, sensor coverage patterns, daylighting sensor placement diagrams and more. A list of design considerations and detailed explanations of equipment sequences of operation further assist designers who want to ensure that controls will operate as expected. Additionally, each solution can be downloaded as a printable PDF.

WattStopper’s new best practice solutions build on its extensive library of Best Practice Guides, including guides for offices and warehouse buildings. The new interactive online tool was developed to make this design resource more accessible. The company will continue to develop and publish additional solutions electronically to remain current with rapidly evolving technologies and code developments, and save resources.

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