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Universal Lighting Technologies Targets Supermarkets With Major Savings Per Square Foot

Universal Lighting TechnologiesUniversal Lighting Technologies is targeting grocery store facilities with the opportunity to slash monthly power bills with new lighting technologies and energy management tools. The new marketing push, which includes print ads and brochures, is designed to educate facility managers for major chains and independent grocers how they can improve their lighting environments while reducing energy costs. Click here to download a new brochure detailing the benefits of energy-efficient lighting for supermarkets.

Every supermarket location uses a variety of lighting technologies including LED for outdoor lighting and signage, HID for produce departments, and linear fluorescent systems for the main sales floor, warehouse space, and office areas. Simple retrofit projects such as replacing magnetic HID with electronic HID can pay for themselves in monthly energy savings. And now, facility managers can work with the experts at Universal Lighting to design a comprehensive strategy that will generate the maximum energy savings per square foot in every area of the store.

“Ever look at a box of cereal or a bottle of ketchup and it says, ‘Now 25% more for the same great price?’ That‘s what we‘re able to do for your lighting systems. You get more light per watt of electricity, which means you don‘t have to buy as much electricity from the power company,” said Chris Holstein, vice president of marketing for Universal Lighting Technologies. “Those savings add up. Your new lighting systems will not only pay for themselves but continue to put money back into your pocket month after month.”

A comprehensive energy management strategy will include an evaluation of the entire facility, indoors and out, to identify which new technologies will provide the most cost-effective results. For the main sales area, back offices, and warehouse space, Universal Lighting offers the new DEMANDflex high-efficiency ballast for T8 and T5 lamps. These ballasts are designed to work with DCL Automated Control Systems over existing power lines without the need to install expensive new wiring. With DCL, grocery stores can take advantage of daylight harvesting (where artificial lighting is automatically reduced when natural light is available without any perceptible change to the grocery customers), occupancy sensors (where lighting in non-public areas such as warehouse space is automatically dimmed or shut off when not in use), and time-of-day scheduling (where light levels are automatically reduced afterhours, overnight, or during peak daylight hours when utility rates are at their highest).

In the produce section, electronic HID technology provides pure light for vivid colors and bright, fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, it allows the design flexibility and energy efficiency to keep energy costs low. For exterior lighting, Universal Lighting provides high-efficiency LED light engines that reduce the operating costs of existing fixtures. Plus, they can be integrated into automatic lighting controls for hassle-free operation and maximum energy savings. Universal Lighting also provides Signa lighting ballasts for superior energy efficiency in outdoor and indoor signs.

In addition to upgrading lighting technologies, Universal Lighting will also work with grocery store facility managers to integrate HVAC, refrigeration, and other systems into a single energy management strategy.

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