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Tom Remedios Joins PLC Multipoint

PLC has announced the return of Tom Remedios to the company’s engineering team after a 15-year absence. Having worked for PLC from 1991-1995 as a Senior Electronics Engineer, Tom spent the next 15 years with Cosworth Electronics in Indiana. There he was involved in data acquisition for the motor sports industry and teaching at the University of Indiana.

Tom received his education at Santa Clara University, which included hardware design, as well as industrial engineering of panels and lighting controllers. He also has experience in instrumentation, data acquisition, software testing and training.

Excited by the growth potential at PLC and enticed by the beauty of Washington State, Tom has come back with his wife and teenaged son.

Tom will be working closely with PLC’s owner, Norm Dittmann, in the company’s Transportation and Industrials divisions. He looks forward to the challenging work that’s ahead as the industry moves beyond single panel tunnel and bridge installations and into fully networked systems.

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