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Steve Karg of WattStopper Presented with Award for Outstanding Contributions to the BACnet Community

At this year’s Facilities Decisions Conference & Expo, WattStopper Senior Engineer Steve Karg was presented with the German Shepherd award by BACnet International. BACnet International presented the award as part of its annual “Leaders of the Pack” program to recognize the achievements of individuals and companies involved in the BACnet community. The Award Ceremony took place during the 2011 Facility Decisions Conference & Expo on October 11-12, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

Andy McMillan, President of BACnet International and General Manager of Philips Teletrol explained that Karg was recognized because, “like a Swiss Army Knife, Steve Karg applies his varied skills to help produce the best that the BACnet community has to offer. McMillan continued, “Please join me in thanking and congratulating Steve and his WattStopper colleagues for their dedication to BACnet International and the BACnet standard.” The German Shepherd award is given to an individual who is known for keeping the group in line and upholding the BACnet Standards.

Karg, who has worked on the BACnet standard for close to a decade, currently leads the BACnet Lighting Applications Working Group. The group is presently reviewing public comments on its Lighting Output object project. Karg comments, “It is important that lighting control manufacturers embrace open networking protocols, and make use of the standard network interfaces, messaging services, and objects. Doing this speeds product development and gives customers more flexibility and options when it comes to interfacing and building control.”

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