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PLC Multipoint Turns 20

PLC Multipoint

Multipoint Control Systems was founded in 1978 to design and manufacture products for the lighting controls industry. Multipoint Control Systems’ product line evolved over the years into a full range of photo sensors and control products, meeting the needs of an ever-changing industry. Several innovative patents were developed, combining sensors and controls.

In 1991, PLC-Multipoint was incorporated to continue bringing Multipoint’s lighting control products to the market while providing a new emphasis on enhanced engineering and manufacturing. The experience gained over these past 20 years has enabled PLC-Multipoint to create advanced lighting control systems that integrate photosensors, motion sensors, time clocks and networking to create a seamless series of lighting control systems.

More recently, PLC-Multipoint has been rebranded, simplifying its name to PLC. As part of this simplification PLC created four business divisions, allowing customers to more easily associate the company’s products with their specific applications:

PLCBuildings: Lighting Control for Building Applications
PLCSensors: Control Devices for light detection
PLCTransportation: Control Systems for Transportation
PLCIndustrials: Custom Systems for Industrial Applications

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