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Lutron Shares Its Product Compatibility Testing Results by Launching LED Website

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has launched a new website devoted to LED lighting that highlights important product compatibility testing. The website is a public resource intended to help designers, specifiers, contractors and homeowners avoid compatibility problems and retain significant energy savings by dimming LED lighting.

The new website’s address is

As the LED industry enters the market of general illumination, it has become clear that several emerging LED products are not compatible with existing control standards. For instance, Lutron has discovered that many products in the market are not dimmable, or falsely claim to be dimmable.

It is essential that an exact match exists between the LED array, driver and control. Lutron has developed a Product Compatibilty Matrix, located on the new LED website, explaining which Lutron dimmer/solution can be used with current LED products, and what performance can be expected from each combination.

“Lutron has found that some lighting decisions involving LED products are being made in the dark,” says Eric Lind, Commercial Marketing Director for Lutron Electronics. “Lutron wants to help all customers avoid compatibility problems so that they don’t forego important lighting control options, such as dimming. It would be an unnecessary step backward for new high efficacy products to be without the energy-saving benefits of dimming.”

Lutron launches LED website

The Lutron Product Compatibility Matrix allows a user to search by manufacturer, model number, or type of product in order to find the right solution. Complete product report cards detail the technical product specifications, Lutron testing information, and Lutron product names and model numbers.

Some key benefits of LED lighting with advanced light controls are:

Energy Savings – The long-lasting benefits of eco-friendly LED light sources are combined with the ability to minimize energy costs in the home or business.

Expansion of Design Possibilities – Visual environments are transformed with unique LED colors and dramatic light levels.

Reduction of Maintenance Costs – Dimming LEDs 50% – 1% extends product lifetime and decreases maintenance costs.

Lutron’s understanding of compatibility requirements is a result of the research and performance testing that went into the development of Lutron’s Hi-lume® LED driver. The driver is a universal voltage driver and provides energy-efficient LED dimming from 100% to 1%. It combines high performance dimming with a lifetime of 50,000 hours, facilitating both energy savings and an extended product life.

In addition, Lutron has been working closely with many LED companies to develop highly reliable solutions that will help shape the industry now and in the future. During this ongoing process, it has become clear that an information source for the commercial and residential communities is sorely needed. Lutron hopes this new website will help to fill that void.

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