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Lutron Launches LED Control Center of Excellence

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has launched the LED Control Center of Excellence. This new resource is devoted to providing answers to all questions about LED lighting solutions.

As the use of energy-saving LEDs becomes more widespread in both commercial and residential applications, it is clear that there are many questions about which LED products are compatible with which lighting controls. For instance “dimmable” has not been clearly defined for LEDs. Despite manufacturers’ claims for dimmable LEDs, many do not perform well with a variety of dimmers, nor have compatible dimmers been identified.

The LED Control Center of Excellence is your single source for LED information about:

  • LED features and challenges
  • Control options
  • The need for controls
  • Product compatibility testing
  • Educational materials

One facet of the LED Control Center of Excellence is compatibility testing of LEDs lamps, fixtures, and drivers with Lutron controls to ensure compatibility and publish performance.

Compatibility between the LED array, driver, and control is essential so that products perform safely and customer expectations are met. As part of the LED Control Center of Excellence, Lutron has developed an LED Compatibility Matrix, located on the LED website –, explaining which Lutron dimmer/solution can be used with current LED products, and the level of performance that can be expected from each combination.

“Lutron is subject matter expert on LEDs to help customers with questions about LEDs and avoid potential compatibility problems in the field. As the world leader in lighting control and dimming, Lutron has now made our expertise on LED lighting solutions available to anyone that needs it,” says Lutron Vice President of Commercial Solutions Ed Blair.

Three ways to reach the LED Control Center of Excellence:


Additionally, Lutron continues to work closely with many LED companies to develop highly reliable solutions that will help shape the industry now and well into the future. During this on-going process, it has become clear that an information source for the commercial and residential communities is needed. Lutron hopes the new LED Control Center of Excellence will be the go-to industry source for LED control information.

For educational opportunities on LEDs, Lutron offers an AIA HSW/SD registered course titled “Controlling LEDs to Meet Customer Expectations” (AIA HSW/SD Program # CLED10). For more information on this and other courses, please visit

For more information about Lutron, visit

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