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Lutron Creates Energy Solutions Business Unit

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. has announced the formation of a new Energy Solutions business unit that will operate in both the public and private sectors to help to accelerate and maximize the use of the company’s existing technologies in a broad range of energy saving products. The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer John E. Longenderfer.

“Forming a dedicated Energy Solutions business gives us the opportunity to bring our expertise and technology in total light management and scalable solutions to a larger audience while reinforcing our leadership role as an innovation company,” said Longenderfer. He announced that the new business unit will be led jointly by Greg L. Linder, Vice-President, Sales Operations and Michael F. Smith, Vice-President, Energy Solutions Sales. Smith will focus on sales and go-to-market strategies. Linder will focus on building sales operations and infrastructure and developing a “Center of Energy Excellence” that will serve as an incubator and stimulant for new technologies, solutions and energy topics.

Linder and Smith together will develop a strategy to rapidly enable Lutron to work in partnership with policymakers, utilities, energy service companies, and existing customers to maximize energy efficiency through sustainable and interoperable systems for both commercial and residential use. The Energy Solutions unit will also foster strategic alliances with other manufacturers to develop technology to create the infrastructure for ‘smart’ buildings and homes of the future.

“We are the technology leaders in lighting controls,” said Linder, “and the legacy of our company is innovation. We want to accelerate the discussion on how our technology—potentially combined with the technology of others—can really change the game for end users and consumers.” Said Smith, “We also want to make sure that our development efforts are in line with where the government, utilities, and others in the energy supply chain are headed. To really make a difference, we need to work in concert with the public sector.”

“Lutron has been helping the world to save energy for nearly 50 years through our lighting control products and solutions,” said Longenderfer. “We take pride in the fact that Lutron was the first to teach the world how to dim their lights while enhancing quality of life. We look forward to building alliances to create more innovations that make a real difference both to the environment and to our customers.”

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