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Lighting Control Panel Manufactured by PLC-Multipoint, Powered by Panasonic

Panasonic Electric Works of America and PLC-Multipoint, Inc. have announced a contractual relationship whereby PLC-Multipoint will act as a United States distributor of Panasonic brand of lighting control equipment based on the unique Full – 2Way communication protocol. PLC-Multipoint will also use Panasonic brand components for their own product lines.

“We are pleased to introduce our Advanced Transmission Full – 2Way Remote Lighting Control System. This system is cost-effective and easily – configurable with programming and accessories. Centralized monitoring and control of lighting can handle up to 256 circuits per system, and it is logically capable of turning up to 127 groups of lights on and off in an entire section of any application area. Up to 72 control patterns can be programmed to match work schedules or habits, allowing for maximum occupant satisfaction while achieving energy and operating cost savings,” noted a PLC Multipoint press release.

The LPB Series is the “basic” version of PLC – Multipoint’s multiplex transmission Full-2Way remote lighting control system. It uses two ± 24 V signal wires for all the switches on a network, and controls lighting using latching relays. This reduces the number of wires needed compared to conventional wiring.

The LPA Series is the “advanced” version. This series is more than capable of combining the most efficient way to save energy cost with multiple operation possibilities from dimmer con¬trols and PLC – Multipoint’s CES sensors.

The LPE Series is the “enhanced” version. The LPC controller can handle additional energy saving functions and features such as: Photo Control, Sweep and Time Schedule. Additional features which complete the LPE Series are Communication Protocol using Modbus, Bacnet Web Gateway and Operation Interface Terminal Touchscreen provided by Panasonic.

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