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Encelium Technologies Partners with British Columbia-Based SLS Lighting

Encelium Technologies, a technology development firm specializing in integrated lighting control systems for commercial buildings, has partnered with SLS Lighting of British Columbia, a division of SLS Group Industries, Inc. Through this partnership, SLS will serve as a sales representative for Encelium in British Columbia.

With operations in Canada, the United States, and Europe, Encelium stands at the forefront of meeting today’s energy challenges through its state-of-the-art product, the Energy Control System™ (ECS). Designed to reduce lighting-related costs by 50 to 75 percent, ECS is the only lighting control system on the market that integrates and deploys six energy management strategies on a facility-wide basis, giving property owners and managers unprecedented digital control. Strategies include personal control, occupancy control, daylight harvesting, smart-time scheduling, task tuning and variable load shedding.

“Our partnership with Encelium reflects our commitment to working with partners that provide only the most innovative products of the highest quality,” said Brian Poole, general manager of SLS Lighting, which was founded in 1985. “The architects and engineers we work with are extremely interested in modernizing their lighting control designs to increase energy savings and reduce operating costs for their clients. We look forward to working closely with Encelium.”

Installing ECS enhances a building’s ability to achieve certification for Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Canada for New Construction, falling under the Energy and Atmosphere category. The system contributes between 12 and 22 points and in as many as four categories for certification including sustainable sites, energy, indoor environmental quality and innovation in design.

“SLS is well-known for providing superior service and support to its customers and was the obvious choice for us in British Columbia,” remarked Tony Marano, president and chief executive officer of Encelium Technologies. “We look forward to working with them.”

Since Encelium’s founding in 2001, the company has installed its ECS in more than 15 million square feet of commercial space or 150 projects across Europe and North America. Projects have included large-scale entertainment complexes such as the 1.4 million-square-foot Rogers Centre and mixed-use commercial space such as the R. Fraser Elliot Building of Toronto General Hospital as well as industrial space, parking garages, colleges, and 50 United States Postal Offices.

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