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Encelium Technologies Appoints SESCO Lighting as Its Exclusive Sales Agency in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida And The Caribbean

Encelium Technologies of Teaneck, N.J., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of addressable lighting controls for commercial buildings, has appointed Winter Park, Fla.-based SESCO Lighting as its exclusive sales agency in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and the Caribbean. This collaboration is part of the strategic expansion of Encelium, which manufactures the Energy Control System™ (ECS), the most advanced lighting control solution for commercial buildings on the market.

ECS reduces lighting use and energy costs at a faster rate than other environmental measures and has an average payback of two to five years. Since the company’s founding in 2001, ECS has been installed in more than 20 million square feet of commercial space across North America and Europe. The company has experienced tremendous growth during the last two years, posting a 200% annual increase.

“Our system turns lighting into a highly controllable energy cost for property owners and managers in the commercial real estate industry,” said Tony Marano, president and CEO of Encelium. “We look forward to working with SESCO, which shares in our commitment of environmental stewardship, as we grow our business in the Southeast Region and the Caribbean.”

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