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Encelium Technologies Appoints International Lighting as Its Exclusive Sales Agency in Manhattan

Encelium Technologies of Teaneck, N.J., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of addressable lighting controls for commercial buildings, has appointed New York-based International Lights, Inc. as its exclusive lighting sales agency in Manhattan. Rapidly expanding, Encelium recently opened an office in New York City as part of its strategic expansion.

Encelium manufactures the Energy Control System™ (ECS), the most advanced lighting control solution for commercial buildings on the market. The system reduces lighting use and energy costs at a faster rate than other environmental measures and has a relatively short payback on investment of two to five years on average. Since the company’s founding in 2001, ECS has been installed in more than 17 million square feet of commercial space across North America and Europe. The company has experienced tremendous growth, posting a 200% annual increase during the last two years.

“International Lights is a premier lighting agency with expertise in serving the City’s sophisticated architectural and lighting design community,” said Megan Carroll, LC, Encelium’s sales director who leads the firm’s NY office. “That expertise and its reputation of top-quality customer service made International Lights an ideal fit for Encelium.”

How Encelium’s State-of-the-Art System Works

ECS utilizes six distinct energy management strategies. Those include daylight harvesting, which adjusts interior light levels according to available daylight; occupancy controls to turn lights on and off automatically; smart-time scheduling to adjust light where occupancy sensors are not appropriate; task tuning to set default light levels to suit a particular workspace; personal software-based controls for individual occupants to adjust their workspace lighting by need or preference; and variable load shedding, which limits power demand peaks to reduce overall utility costs. The system contributes up to 18 points toward LEED certification, an important designation for buildings that meet certain criteria for improved sustainability and environmental quality, and in as many as 4 of 6 LEED categories.

“With its Energy Control System, Encelium has established itself as one of the most innovative manufacturers of lighting controls and we are pleased to serve as their exclusive representative in New York,” remarked Jim Panichella, co-president of International Lights. “Our clients are increasingly focused on energy conservation, particularly in light of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed legislation mandating energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Partnering with Encelium enables us to better service our clients in this regard.”

In September 2009 Mitchell Bloomberg, formerly of Green Light Solutions, joined forces with Jim Panichella at International Lights. Together Panichella and Bloomberg now lead the firm. Their organization offers marketing, design and support services including layout/calculation assistance, technical product information, and sample and mock-up assistance as well as budgeting and quotation of projects.

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