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Encelium Technologies Announces Expansion

Encelium Technologies, ULC has announced it is expanding its workforce and moving to a larger building to accommodate the company’s 2009 growth forecast. While some companies are streamlining operations, laying off employees and closing their doors, Encelium is growing. Encelium has achieved impressive year on year growth in the North American Lighting controls market with operations spanning the United States, Canada and Europe.

In today’s economy, when everyone is looking to save money, Encelium’s integrated lighting controls and energy management system (ECS) proves to be a good solution. Building owners and facility managers typically have little control over today’s spiralling costs but with Encelium’s ECS, companies can reduce lighting related energy costs by 50% to 75% and provide an average payback from energy savings of 3 to 5 years.

“Lighting often represents the single largest energy load in commercial buildings and historically, has been the least controllable. Now with Encelium’s ECS, building owners can see the real value in a system that dramatically reduces their operating costs. ” says Terry Mocherniak, CEO for Encelium Technologies.

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