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Cooper Acquires Fifth Light Technology

Cooper Industries PLC have announced the acquisition of Fifth Light Technology, Ltd. Fifth Light is a privately owned company based in Oakville, Canada that specializes in the design, sale and implementation of digitally addressable lighting interface (DALI) solutions and a suite of centralized building management software applications. This portfolio of solutions enables facility management to measure and control energy consumption across individual fixtures, as well as provide for the integration and control of other building management systems across multiple applications.

Over the past several years, Fifth Light has installed over 100,000 control devices in premier locations across North America, saving customers significant energy usage associated with their lighting systems.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Fifth Light will become part of the Cooper Controls business unit within Cooper Lighting, an industry leader committed to delivering innovative products and driving transformational technology in the lighting industry.

Cooper Controls, a business unit of Cooper Lighting, is a supplier of energy management, architectural, and entertainment lighting controls formed by the acquisition of Novitas Inc. in November 2005, Polaron plc in March 2007, PCI Lighting Control Systems in August 2007, and ALC Lighting Controls in November 2010. Cooper Controls includes leading brands such as iLight (International), iLumin (North America), Greengate, and Zero 88.

With this acquisition, Cooper Controls expands its portfolio of energy management solutions by combining its broad hardware portfolio with Fifth Light’s software capabilities.

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